Is the Lakeside Cyclone going to be in operation this year?

I looked at the Lakeside Amusement Park website and strangely enough could not find any mention of the Cyclone. Does this mean that the ride won't be operating this year. This is important because Lakesaide without the Cyclone would be missing what is most important to the park.

Arthur Bahl

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Yikes...what a horrible web site! Ya know Arthur I was certain you hadn't searched the park's site enough and that Cyclone just had to be listed. Sure enough, it isn't. But given how awful the site is I wouldn't necessarily take that as a sign it won't be open.

My suggestion: if no one posts a reply here by the end of today call and/or email the park.

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Wow, that is pretty bad. Talk about a site that makes the whole operation look bad from afar. That said, I see no reason why the Cyclone would not be operating. If you find out anything, please let us know.

The website looks different from their previous, even worse website, and a lot of it seems to be "under construction" so i think it's a work in progress. Hopefully to be complete by opening?

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On the plus side if one needed to email the park they sure do make it easy! lol ;)

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I think Cedar Fair and Six Flags should model their websites after this website! It's so easy to read and navigate. I always wished that parks would categorize their major rides as spinning rides, upside down rides, wheels, and flying rides. Oh man and that front page collage... so beautiful!

I'd try calling the park.

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Now why didn't someone suggest that before? lol

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Don't listen to Moosh. Do what Ken says and just "call the park".

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^ Beyotch, party of one...your table is ready.

According to posts on TripAdvisor, the Cyclone is down this year. It is being refurbished for next year which is the 75th anniversary of the ride.

Arthur Bahl

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