Is that a coaster in storage by Marineland?

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When I was planning my trip to Marineland and looked at bing maps and found this...

I emailed Duane from RCDB, he said that it seem that there aren't enough supports to make up a coaster. He also checked on google earth and said´╗┐ that it has been there since sometime before 11/29/2002. I assume he is not sure what it is.

So does anybody know about this? It is exactly southwest of Marineland, seem like right across the road from Marineland's property.

My best guess is it is some kind of mine train due to lack of supports

I agree CoasterFreak, that looks an awful lot like a coaster. I also wondered if it was a log flume, but some of the pieces do look a lot like coaster track.

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Could it be replacement track or add-on track for an existing ride? The world may never know for sure.

Its not a coaster, has nothing to do with a coaster. Its a monorail that was built in Europe, and used in the US. It hasn't operated for decades.

Very monorails...was it in operation at Marineland at one point? Do you know any more about it?

I know all about it. It was never assembled. The owner has several proposals, and thats about it. Its not much of a story to tell. Sorry.

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