Is SFSTl removing Rockin Roller?

I was just looking at pictures that a SFSTl fan site posted showing rides being removed for next years coaster. Among the photos it shows roller coaster track half removed. I'm assuming this is Rockin Roller. Does anyone know if it's on it's way out or just being moved within the park?
My assumption is that it's done with and will be replaced with the new coaster.

The last major attraction introduced at the park was The Boss, back in 2000.

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^^Isn't that a kiddie coaster? Why would a park remove a kiddie coaster?
What about Superman? What about Tony Hawk?

Those were both major, kRaXLeRidAh.

Yes, the kiddie coster at SFSL has been removed and put into the employee lot this week, it had been closed all season. It could go back into the park at some time, but it is a least temporarly removed, along with the other three kids rides in the old kids area and possibly the Moon Antique Cars? for the new 2008 coaster (whatever it will be).
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They should pick up one of those Giant Zierer family coasters... the one like Beaverland with the 20-car trains. Those are great rides for the kids. Id love to see the park build that and a few more flats and make a County Fair section like Dollywoods, but with a theme around sme of Six Flags newly aquired licences.
I'm so excited.

Neuski said:
What about Superman? What about Tony Hawk?

Those were both major, kRaXLeRidAh.

I wouldn't consider a medium-sized spinning coaster and a relocated drop tower of average-size "major." But that's just me. The Boss and Batman The Ride, major for that park.

Well, though they aren't hugely major, they are not minor additions such as Excalibur or the Tornado either...

Also, though the drop tower was relocated... it is still new to the St. Louis population.

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