Is SFSTL getting greedy, you decide!

Thursday, August 15, 2002 8:57 PM
As we were leaving the park today something at the ticket booth caught my eye. On the price chart there was an entry for "Expectant Mothers, $23.99"!!!!! The last time I checked the ONLY ride in the park an "Expectant Mother" could ride is the Train, and possibly the Moon cars. Does it not seem greedy to you to charge 24 dollars for someone (who probably came with her family) to walk around the park and only get to ride one ride? Your comments would be appreciated.

Just a couple of G-Force junkies!

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Friday, August 16, 2002 4:49 AM
And see all the shows... I don't know if any other park offers an "expectant mother" rate - they would be charged full price... so in that respect it is a good deal. $24 is probably about what they charge seniors (who would generally only ride the same stuff).
Friday, August 16, 2002 5:18 AM

That's what floors me is that there are people who want discounted admission because they don't intend to ride. I had someone like that for CoasterBuzzCon at PKI. What about the shows? The transport rides? The SkeeBall? The rest rooms?

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Friday, August 16, 2002 5:30 AM
Agreed. The fact that they offer a discount AT ALL is actually a pretty generous gesture, not a greedy one. Many parks would just say "Admission is $X, ma'am, move along."

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Friday, August 16, 2002 12:56 PM

Sorry brain spazzz, didn't even think about the shows. So I guess that would be a deal.

But of course there are some expectant mothers that would try and ride some the the rides. (the ones that don't care)



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