Is no news always good news?

Wednesday, August 1, 2001 9:26 AM
It really bothers me that no one has come forward from the Six Flags camp or the Vekoma camp and addressed the issues about delays for Deja Vu. It seems to me that this could all backfire for them if they are unable to correct the problems by the end of this season, and offer a resonable explanation for what happened. I mean for me, it will surely be on my mind next time I am at SFMM and Deja Vu is open. Should I trust a company which spent so much time and money advertising a new ride, but won't talk about it once it is built and broken? I wonder is this thing really safe, or are they keeping something from us? I would feel a lot better if the GP wasn't being treated as if we don't notice something is up here. Is anyone else bothered by this too?

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