is my friend to big for el toro

My friend came down for the wk we are going to six flags ga this wkend first time in almost 3 yrs. I herd el toro is really a prob for larger folks , he is about 230 lbs. Is he going to be able to ride??
There is no way to tell if he can actually ride without him trying and weight is not always the issue, it's more waist size. I know the Cedar Point Intamins are good up to about a 40 inch waist, but I don't know about El Toro.

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230, Probably but no guarantees. Depends where the weight is :)

Chuck, saying my brother rode MF at that weight but it was close.

When I visited SFGA in 2006 I was wearing size 44 Pants and I was able to fit on El Toro, although I was STAPLED in! I have sinced reduced myself to size 40. Last October I was able to ride Millenium Force. I had an inch to spare on their Seatbelts! If your Friend doesn't fit tell him to get on the South Beach diet and get some Exercise! (I walk 7 - 10 Miles each day!) It will work wonders! :)

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When El Toro opened I was at a size 38, around 245 pounds, and had no issues. Since I have gotten down to 235 (with hopes of 215)... I found Batman: The Ride to be more challenging that El Toro.

On the topic of fitting into rides... I have ridden several of the Chance/KMG Afterburners. Hershey and Dorney have the same model, and Reithoffers has a smaller portable ride. How come I can fit fine in any seat on Herhsey anr Reithoffers, but can't ride the "big boy" seat at Dorney?? That was the straw that broke the weight loss camels back for me!

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Yeah, most of these responses are correct....

As someone who last year lost weight for the sole purpose of riding ET, at about 205-210 and a 38" waist I made it with flying colors and had TONS of room to spare!! I was formerly also at about 230 with a 40" waist and thought that I probably still could have made it at that size as well!!

However, I am 6'2" and height does matter. I'd say as long as this friend is at least 5'8", wears a 40" size very comfortably, and is proportioned (i.e. there's no 40 lbs. beer belly here), he will be fine.

I've always heard the test seat is not true to form from the actual trains (I wish I would have tried it) and more strict than reality, but I've also heard if you are bigger you do get stapled a lot more so than regular people who can "fake" being larger on the restraint check to allow for more room after being dispatched.

So good luck as ET is without question my favorite coaster, which I rode about 100 times in my four visits last year!

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Well if he's part of the "herd."

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