Is Lightning Rod going to be the #1 RMC?

How do you think the RMC coasters rank out? I have only been on Wicked Cyclone. I have my thoughts on which ones are better than others. But I thought I would ask people who have actually been on a few/bunch/all. I would like to go to one of dollywood, SFGAmerica, or both SF's in Texas.. I assume LR will be the best one in NA. But I like to hear what other people think. Thanks in advance.

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It looks amazing - and so far none of their creations have disappointed. If they have found a way to best NTG, then I think we will have officially hit coaster nirvana. I'm considering making the drive up to Pigeon Forge. Believe it or not I'm more excited about the monkey bread :-)

I've been on 3 different RMC coasters and am so looking forward to Lightning Rod. It's hard to say, not having ridden, but of the RMC rides in the U.S. I'd imagine it will rise to the top of many lists.

I think the one to "beat", however, will be Wildfire at Kolmarden Zoo in Somewhere, Sweden. At first glance it seems to be the best combination of speed, hills, terrain, and inversions. It will also be the RMC where it's hardest to snag a night time ride in the dark.

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I haven't been on any of them, but as I've noted in other threads, I'll be really interested to see where the new ones shake out in the Coasterbuzz 100.

Lightning Rod looks unreal and I'd expect it to dominate polls quickly. The only thing I can imagine could hinder it is the huge amount of speed with which it's going to hit the breaks. That last fan turn at the end is a monster and I just know some folks will ride it and wish it had another ~750ft of track tacked on to it.

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I plan on hitting Storm Chaser, Lightning Rod, and Twisted Colossus this year. I'm most excited about LR.

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I think this is where, as an enthusiast, one is simply supposed to scream, "Quadruple down!!!!!" and then giggle like a maniac until the room clears.

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Whilst wiping away the gravy dripping from our mouths.

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RMCAC. What 3 have you ridden, and how would you order them?

I guess the main question I am really asking is what has better value. Lightning Rod, or the combo of NTG, or IR? Also has anyone been on Goliath? Goliath looked amazing at first glance (not LR amazing) but I haven't heard many opinions on it.

The most comparable coasters I have been on are El Toro and Wicked Cyclone. How do Goliath, NTG, and IR stack up?

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I've been on NTG, Goliath, and IR. And that's how I'd rank them. NTG is my current overall #1 coaster, just edging out Toro. IR is maybe top 30 for me out of about 320. It's fun, don't get me wrong, but Goliat and NTG are more intense and happily violent.

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Ok. As much as I try to avoid doing this, I'd put Outlaw Run as my favorite, followed by New Texas Giant, then Wicked Cyclone. I think.

My opinions can be easily influenced. I've ridden OR the most, and not because it's close (it isn't) but I visited SDC over a number of days and most of that time the ride was walk on. I came away with the feeling I'd taken the most thrilling yet re-rideable wooden coaster ever. I only got two rides on NTG and I liked them both. I also had the original ride to hold up in comparison. The park was very busy that day, blah blah blah. My experience with WC was dreadful, but that had more to do with a really long wait, down time, and piss-poor operations. The ride might've been the best, but I was so grouchy I didn't care.
So there, for what it's worth.
What I know for sure is none of them were rockin' a quadruple down.

That is funny you say that about wicked Cyclone. When I went in Sept. The line up was always short, and the ops were at the top of their game. Bizarro however was a totally different story. In two trips to SFNE I have never enjoyed Bizarro.

Cyclone to me was amongst my favorite Steel coasters, but fell just short of my favorite woodies.

Clint. So you would say Goliath is top tier ish with NTG. That is what I was assuming. But I can't honestly say I've ever talked to someone who has been on it.

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Goliath is short. I don't say that as a complaint, it packs a punch, and does what it should. The turn around a were great, airtime was fun, and the stall under the lift was amazing. It's a great fit for the park it is in.

I'm So excited about LR because it's like Goliath in that it's an original RMC with amazing looking elements.

Also, quadruple down, giggle giggle.

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Well as long as we're doing this... I've ridden all 4 current RMC "conversions" in the US, but no RMC "originals." (Goliath, Outlaw)

I think that I'm in the minority, in that Iron Rattler is my favorite. It's hands down the least intense, and has the best sense of "flow," which to me makes it the most enjoyable and most re-ridable. If we had gotten more than a single ride on Twisted Colossus, it would probably rank second, for the same reasons, but with the long break at the second lift hurting it. But with only a single ride, it hardly seems fair. Wicked Cyclone would be 3rd. It's non-stop intense, doesn't let up, yet isn't overpowering like, say, Voyage. Last would be NTG. While still great, there's something slightly off about it. As in perhaps not as perfectly engineered as the others. This is also the only one I've ridden on more than one occasion, a few years apart. Back to back rides made me queasy on both occasions.

But to answer the original question, Lightning Rod looks to blow them all out of the water.

And Cinnamon Bread!

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And Derrick, if you want a suggestion on where to go, I'd say Texas, hands down. Both SF parks are amazing with other great rides.

Dollywood is a close second. Very, very close.

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And fried chicken.

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I've ridden Outlaw Run, NTG, and IR. Outlaw and NTG are both excellent top tier rides with Iron Rattler being very good, but not great. I'm probably going to get Joker (SFDK) and Twisted Colossus next year but it will be a long time before I hit Goliath, Wicked Cyclone, or Lightning Rod. Lightning Rod looks to be amazing, though and based on what they did building from scratch with Outlaw Run, I assume it will be mind blowing.

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I would love to make it to Texas. Do they run coasters straight through their Christmas event? If I do Texas I'm looking at either mid October, or early December.

Kolmarden's ride does look to have the edge over Lightning Rod, but the geographical distribution of those who vote in enthusiast polls means that it'll never do as well in the rankings.

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RCMAC said:

And fried chicken.

And everybody's favorite, the Chicken Lady.

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Thus far, Iron Rattler remains the only RMC I've ridden (missing the old days, LOL).

That means if it's better than the one I've ridden, it's "the best RMC" - at least to me.

What I'm getting at is there's no substitute for experience....and that's why "experienced" riders' opinions should count more when rating rides (a practice I've found more work than it's worth, considering I'm a wooden coaster person and rides vary SO much based on at least a dozen factors...

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