is it true that fiesta tx might be getting a hyper

Saturday, November 18, 2000 5:24 AM
Ive been to alot of sites and they're all saying fiesta tx is talking about maybe getting a hypercoaster.Is this true?Who else has heard this rumor?
Saturday, November 18, 2000 5:37 AM
I doubt that both SFoT and SFFT would be getting a hypercoaster in the same year. If Fiesta Texas gets anything this year, I would think it would be an inverted coaster. SFoT has a Batman the ride clone, and SFAW has a Vekoma SLC, not to mention that Sea World of Texas has a Batman clone within the area. I'd think... wait a minute this is Six Flags we're talking about... I'd hope that SFFT would get an original inverted. They could build the ride on the cliff. A boomerang, wait, a batwing extending off of the cliff! The possibilities are endless! OOH! OOH! HAA! HAA! *** This post was edited by Krazy on 11/20/2000. ***

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