Is Discovery Kingdom worth a visit?

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Caveat: I know that asking "Should I visit X amusement park?" on this forum is akin to asking a bar full of drunks "Should I have another drink?"

With that in mind, I'll be traveling to San Fransisco for my honeymoon in early November, and I noticed this park is open a few days while I'm there. I was wondering if anyone had been there and had an opinion whether it was worthwhile. I've checked out the lineup of rides, and it does seem like a rather lean lineup, but with a couple interesting-looking coasters.

My wife is usually game for a few coasters, but she's not an enthusiast, and we're obviously not at any loss for things to do in the bay area (cough...Russian River...cough). I'm probably not interested in a visit if it's run-of-the mill, and I'm not someone who goes on coasters merely for credit.

Also, we plan on staying in the city for a few days, and then renting a car to go to the surrounding areas. Anyone had experiences with public transport to this park? Again, any input is appreciated.

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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom was easily one of the nicest parks in the chain. Medusa and V2 are the only coasters that impressed me, but the park as a whole was one where I wish I had much more time to visit. It's got a lot of animal attractions in addition to its rides, so there's certainly plenty to do. Definitely make a stop if you can.

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Break Trims said:

Caveat: I know that asking "Should I visit X amusement park?" on this forum is akin to asking a bar full of drunks "Should I have another drink?"

That was funny. :)

For some reason, this popped to mind.

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I'm a pseudo-local (parents live 2 miles away, probably made 10 visits in the last 5 years), but I would say yes. It's the cleanest, nicest, most diverse park in the SF chain by a good margin, IMO. Great animal shows, decent-to-good theming...the rides are actually not the draw at all (everything is some variation of something you've probably already done 10 times, save Superman which isn't that spectacular and has dismal capacity). We went in July with 2 adults and 4 kids, didn't ride any adult rides, spent pretty much the whole day, and had a fantastic time.

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It's a really nice park. Since you're not going as a credit whore, I'd do it. Good (although not spectacular) rides, really nice atmosphere overall. V2 is easily the best Intamin shuttle.


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LOVED the place, one of the best "atmospheres" at any SF park.

Just wish the wooden coaster bore some resemblance to anything I'd care to ride. It was like a smaller, slower version of Hercules or Mean Streak.

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