Is CP parking free after a certain hour at night?

If i'm showing up for some night riding around 6 or 7pm, is parking free; or do they charge for parking right up til 10pm?

While i'm here, is the Best Western in Sandusky an okay place? It's only $59, so I thought i'd ask. TIA

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CP and free don't really go together.
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You have to pay for parking 24/7.

They have hotel/ campground guests that come in at all times.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

I don't see that ever happening...

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At minimum you will have to pay a "causeway" fee unless you have a pass from staying at one of the on property resorts (ie: Breakers Express). I seriously doubt that they wouldn't charge you parking....maybe at 9pm but even that I doubt. Your best bet is to call the park themselves and ask. They are very nice usually when you have general questions.

The causeway fee of $0.50 is charged at all times that the park is closed (unless you have a pass from one of the on-point resorts). The full $10 fee is charged right up until close. The only exceptions are if you stay in the lot for less than 30 minutes, then you can stop on your way out, turn in your stub, and get refunded $9.50. They still keep the $0.50 causeway toll.
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Wrong. They don't even break it out on the signs anymore. In fact, there is no one taking money at the tolls in the off-season either.

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I know some parks do this policy!

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Usually, KI pulls their parking toll plaza attendants about two hours prior to park closing.

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There have been a couple of times where I have got to Dollywood early enough without paying parking. :)


Once, I made it to CP early enough to not pay the toll. It was the day of BooBuzz. There was no attendant on the Chausee, even though the causeway had all kinds of attendants. I have a parking pass anyway, but it was still very interesting to see no parking attendant there.

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You'd think they'd at least have security to keep yahoos (like me) from coming in and doing donuts. Then again, they probably do.

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^ Only one way to find out... :~P ;)
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^^ Oh, they're around. It's just that while you're doing donuts, they're making their morning run for them. ;). I kid, I kid...

7 Years ago, when I worked at Best Buy, I used to love closing during snow storms, because when we got out, there would be 4 or 5 cars in this giant snow covered parking lot, where we would do donuts to our hearts content.


Jeff, you must have caught them on a potty break, because I was the first car in the lot for BooBuzz, and I still had to pay for parking.

And I'm not exagerrating when I say I was the first car in the lot.. I actually was in the lot before the sun crested the horizon. I was at PKI the night before, and drove overnight, slept for about an hour at a rest area, and got to CP in the vicinity of 6am, so I stopped off at Castaway Bay to check out what it looked like (never stopped by inside yet), and then as soon as it began to get light outside I figured I'd head over and "start the line" on the causeway, only to find out that it was already open with a parking attendant... Fun times, right Arson? :)

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dannerman, did you come up the causeway? Because I came up the Chausee. Different road, different parking booth.

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I can tell who is from east of the Mississippi....ever heard of 'doing cookies'???

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No.. what is that?

(and yes I'm from east of the Mississippi :) )

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The Chausee comes in on the right, and the causeway comes in on the left. If you're coming from the East to go to the park on Route 2, you'll likely get off the highway at Rye Beach Road, and there's a turn-off there for the Chausee. It's actually called Cedar Point Road, I believe.

The Chausee used to be the only way to get to the park besides by boat, and then the causeway was built in the late 50s/early 60s, I believe.

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