Is 4 hrs long enough for Valleyfair?

Wednesday, April 2, 2003 1:13 PM
I would say yes. I also have been going to Valleyfair every opening day since 1996 before Wild Thing opened up. I also have been with the park for 9 years employees are also very friendly. Crowds should be light on opening day, dont know about this year though because of Steel Venom :). Everything should be a walk on's Wild Thing probably 15 minute wait same with Power Tower maybe longer. You'll enjoy the park for you're first visit. Watch for me I'll be at Steel Venom on opening day wearing my yellow coasterbuzz t shirt ;) so you cant miss me lol.

9Years working at Valleyfair :)! Returning for 2003 Season :)! Club Member #437.
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Wednesday, April 2, 2003 6:08 PM

Flabby Lips said: What Valleyfair did you go to?

The same one I've been going to for sixteen years. I think there's obviously some exaggeration going on here. If not, then you should have had a talk with Guest Services.


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Wednesday, April 2, 2003 6:33 PM

Flabby Lips said:

coasterdude318 said:
A dump? Please.

Valleyfair may not have the best selection of coasters, and it may be a pretty small park, but it's hardly a dump. It's clean, employees are friendly, and it's nicely landscaped.

What Valleyfair did you go to? When I went I was unlawfully pushed by one of the employees! A tuba player lashed out at me for unknown reasons. I tried to believe it was an isolated incident but unfortunately I do not think that was the case. Oh no, this went much further. There's just nothing fair about Valleyfair! You may not need a top ten coaster but you do need employees that don't shove the guests!

First of all, I highly doubt any of this so-called "unlawfullness" was intentional! I have been going to Valleyfair for about 13 yrs in a row, and about 6-7 times a yr, and I have gotten nothing but great attitude from any of the employes. They are all very nice and curtious, Plus the foods ok, and the landscaping is good too, and they have PLENTY of awesome rides! Wild Thing is still a top 10 for me.

As for going to the park for 4 hrs, I say DO IT! If you ask me, this park is sesational, mabey not quite a thrill-park but still very worth while for going!


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