Iron Rattler testing at Six Flag Fiesta Texas

Posted | Contributed by Jeff

Six Flags Fiesta Texas has posted video of their new Iron Rattler testing with water dummies.

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That first drop is amazing. It's awfully short though.

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I am generally desensitized to new coasters at this point but I actually let a verbal "WTF" when watching the first drop. Looks great!

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That first drop looks incredible. It's like coaster-beauty lol. I agree though, it's a pretty short circuit. Is it shorter than the original version though?

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It's a good 1800 feet shorter.

There was nothing good about those 1,800 feet.

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I just did some quick arithmetic, and the video above has first drop to brakes at around 55 seconds. A (SFGAdv) El Toro POV I found has it's first drop to brakes time around 52 seconds, so same ballpark.

I'm not claiming that El Toro is a be all end all or anything, just giving a comparison. Certainly nothing about IRat screams "long" but for a ride that looks this intense I'm betting it's just fine.

What I do like is that it seems to tell a good story, with a strong first sequence, the middle bit where the old helix used to be, and then a bangup finale with the dive off the cliff. At least that's the way it reads, based on whatever you can gleam from a Youtube video. Hoping for my first ever Texas trip in 2014 to find out for myself!

Love the trains but I wouldn't want to be the one who's has to clean the bugs out of the Rattler's mouth!

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NTG is also significantly shorter than original Giant (took one of the helix around the lift hill out) and look how that turned out.

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Has the 90 degree banked turn jumped the shark yet? That section at the top of the quarry looks a little forced.

I think this ride used the parks unique terrain very effectively.

All in all I like the looks of all them.

The only complaint I might have is they are doing overbanks just for the sake of having overbanks and it serves no purpose as part of the terrain or even the function of the ride. I also think its getting a little old, If they dropped it off the cliff into a 150* bank and then up through the tunnel that would be WOW! The mid section looks slow, However the 0g roll is a stroke of brilliance as well as the first drop and tunnel. Good overall use of the land and MISSING THAT TRIPPLE SLOW HELIX is NO LOSS AT ALL.

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The trick was to surrender to the flow.

Hbp, the picture on the second picture scares the living daylights out of me. Rattlers trains look cool though.

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Which is ironic, and true about me to, Tyler. Who would think that a creepy caterpillar would be scarier looking than a snake, with fangs, and glowing red eyes. lol

Those Iron Rattler trains are freekin' awesome.

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That is one dopey caterpillar.

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The Caterpillar is "menacing" in much the same way as the Burger King king....not what I'd call "kid friendly." Unless, of course, you think that Family Guy's Herbert would make a good choice for a babysitter (and no, Nyquil is not a beverage).

Great looking ride. Looks like it will have some nice airtime moments.

Collin Aynes

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Wow. This picture makes me laugh...nervously...while in the fetal position.

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