Iron Rattler Simple Review

I didn't realize how new this ride was to the community.

I should do a whole park review, but I don't have the time at the moment.

This is I believe the third time in my life where I have ridden a ride and when it stops, I'm still dazed as I try to find which way do I try to lean in an attempt to exit the ride; the vertigo, speed, G's, and visuals have confused my senses.

First time I experienced this was on Ghost Rider at Knott's when it was fairly new.

Second time was Tatsu. That is one weird ride position you get rotated into, and I'm certain that many peopole would black out on that massive G maneuver if it were not for the ride position. (It didn't help my experience that I got stapled just as I let out a puff of air out of my lungs.)

Simply put, Iron Rattler puts so many negative G's on the thighs that I don't remember if my derriere actually had my bodies full pressure on it for even 1 G.

The negative G roll attempted and done well on other coasters ... I never felt any pressure on any restraint or point on my body .... there was just this zero G roll dorking around with my sense of balance and what I am seeing happening to me.

Now, if I remember right, there was this HALF twist, Full REVERSE (more than half?) twist ... as in, "Yeah, we just did that ... and the negative G's are still plenty.

Extended Credits:

We were in Que ( SP ... don't care - the computer likes it) for a while on this one, and then the ride broke down. To me it look like they were trying to fix something with the lift motor or a block conflict in that section of the track.

I asked a crew member if they had any idea the condition of the ride ... and I got a certified, job approved answer.

There was enough chit chat among crew that I figured it was not yet a mission lost.

The final decision to wait it out came when the lead ran down the stairs to the lift hill, among all the other commotion.

It took a little while for the lead to walk back up to the station.

Somewhere in the timeline of events is a few empty trains being sent for their own lonely pleasure.

Then the lead guy makes it back up to the station, and he is the sole rider for the train. There are two trains on the track, so even as he clears the ride, they have to dispatch another empty train, with all the station protocol and launch yet another empty train.

Then there is the gal with the briefcase on the exit ramp. Yep, lead has to swap papers, signatures, or whatever.

Most people had left the station loading area. We were able to move around and I got on the next ride out. My sister and niece were in a row where the other train was "taped off" for those seats, so they had to wait for my same train.

This was a VERY GOOD and VERY DIFFERENT ride; in its current condition.

The park, is very nice ... compared to SFMM ... I thought I was in some sort of new Disneyland or Universal park. No, Fiesta Texas is not as heavily themed, but it was NICE for a park, and I found it to be themed and much cleaner then some other parks I've been to.

YMMV, my opinion given based on my experience.

ON EDIT ... one for the spell check police.

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The ride itself isn't new to the community, but the conversion over to Iron Rattler is. I did a write up of the park in September.

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