"Iron Horse" track- Should other coasters receive the New Texas Giant treatment?

Personally, I wouldn't mind if NTAG were the only coaster to ever receive this treatment. Right now there's a certain feeling of being special and unique with regards to NTAG. That alone is enough to attract scores of coaster enthusiasts who want a chance to ride the only "Iron Horse" coaster in existence.

I love that feeling that there's no other coaster in the world quite like NTAG. But if other coasters started getting this treatment then NTAG would be just another face in the crowd- NO THANKS! I say keep NTAG unique and special!

But, of course, they probably won't. Other coasters will undoubtedly get the "Iron Horse" upgrade in the years ahead. If they turn out anywhere near as good as NTAG park owners will go crazy for this new type of track. As a result, NTAG will likely be forgotten.

Oh puleez, using that logic there should be only one type of each coaster built ever... anywhere.

This is only a big deal to enthusiasts, no one else cares in any way shape or form.

-Brent Kneebush


Am I missing a word in New Texas Giant?

...or are we really acronymizing it as New TexAss Giant?


Anyway, this:

MagnumsRevenge said:
This is only a big deal to enthusiasts, no one else cares in any way shape or form.

I might even argue that most enthusiasts don't even care. If parks will pay for it, more will get built, and exactly zero consideration will be given to keeping NTG "unique". What a freaking crummy business model that would be... "Hey, we came up with this great new product! Let's make sure we only sell one."

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Maybe Sportsdude360 lives somewhere in the Dallas / Ft Worth Metroplex and has an easy time of getting there! And if that's the case he's being just plain selfish! ;)

Here in Ohio there's, oh I don't know, two? giant rides just crying for that kind of treatment! And the customers (as well as the enthusiasts) will most likely thank the park for a more thrilling yet rideable, if not safer, experience. And that's only two rides in one small state! Imagine the possibilities...Please, Sportsdude360, have pity on the rest of us! Let's put that company to WORK!

Seriously, it's interesting to consider the impact this latest track system / renovation might have on the Giant Wooden Coaster of that era. We all know where they are, and we can all agree some haven't aged well. The preservationist in me says let's leave at least a couple alone, thus preventing them from disappearing all together. Then the fan in me says lets alter 'em all - send those uncomfortable monsters to the history books and leave the true wood structures to the speedy low-riders, both past, present, and future. I can't wait to see how (or if) this turns out for some of our best known rides.

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The last time I rode GA Cyclone, Predator, even Timber Wolf (which were all stellar when they opened, like all #1s; and quickly dropping off due to brakes, re-profiling and roughness) I think even these mid size woodies could greatly benefit from some sort of drastic make over.


Well right now its the only one running the I Beam rails but Tremors has a couple sections with the Upper two layer cap. The difference in shake-age is amazing on the footage I seen on youtube. In those sections that are redone

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I'd like to see Rattler, Mean Streak and Son of Beast transformed into something that doesn't suck. Keep the other ones wooden and just take care of them.

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Charles Nungester said:
Well right now its the only one running the I Beam rails but Tremors has a couple sections with the Upper two layer cap. The difference in shake-age is amazing on the footage I seen on youtube. In those sections that are redone

Texas Giant doesn't have I Beam track, it has tubular steel track the same as 90% of every other steel coaster, the only different is it is rectangular tube as opposed to round tube.

-Brent Kneebush

You can blame Rob Alvey for "NTAG". That's his idea, not mine. So far as I know, NTAG evolved from N-TG or something to that effect. Yes, I live in the Dallas area and have going to SFOT since the late 60's. I have season passes dating back to 1975! When I used to live in Oklahoma during the late 60 sixties-early 70's, my family would go down to SFOT every summer when I was out of school.

I rode Log Flume #1 right after it was first opened in 1971! A fact that I'm extremely proud of. I still have fond memories of the Tower Slide which was commonly seen in the Banana Splits TV Show of the late 60's. The Mexican Train Ride was among my favs as a kid. I have the old Big Bend coaster on my track record as well.

I'm proud to say that I was among the first park guests to ride Shockwave back in 1978 when it first opened! Back then Shockwave was a minimum 2 and a half hour wait! I rode Judge Roy Scream the same month it opened (March 1980). I fondly remember the parks announcement that it would be adding a brand new wooden coaster to be called the Texas Giant back in 1988! Needless to say I rode in it's first weekend of operation in 1990 and loved it!! I've watched them build pretty much every ride at the park from 1975 on.

So yes, you can call me a bit of a homer when it comes to SFOT. I know full well that RMC wants to sell more of their Iron Horse upgrades. Who knows, maybe they'll make a brand new coaster using the new track design. Anyway, to answer the earlier question, yes I'm selfish when comes to anything SFOT. And especially the Giant!

There was a time when I was terrified the park might go the same way as Astroworld. I'm thrilled to have a world class ride like this sitting in my back yard!! I've ridden the NTAG nearly 2 dozen times already, and I still can't get enough of this amazing ride!!!

I can't help but wonder which coaster will be the next in line for the Iron Horse treatment. Predator, Timber Wolf, SOB, Mean Streak? Yeah, there's a long list of potential candidates out there. And I wish RMC the absolute best in their future endeavors.

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The company created the product to make money. They're going to market it and hope to sell more. Good for them. That's business. And as fit NTAG, Blobb is not only an attention whore, but can't come up with a workable acronym? Wow. NTG if we even continue to use the New part of it.

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Do we seriously need another topic about this?

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