Iron Dragon @ CP

I'm sure this has already been talked about--but what's the deal with Iron Dragon? I was at the park for 4 days and it wasn't running at all. And are they closing it?


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I doubt ID is going anywhere. It was probably just down for maintenance.


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Doubt it would be closed. The site it sits on is kinda odd - I'm not sure what the benefit would be.

Also looks like the park hasn't removed a coaster since the late 70's.

It's been down quite a few times in the last 2 weeks. Most of them time they did work on the lift, or on one of the trains. Today it was only running 2 of the 3 trains.

Conversation heard in line for Zoom Flume at Soak City.

Lady: What's the matter with Iron Dragon, it was closed all day yesterday?

Guy: They are taking it down. I saw a lot of the pieces in front of our hotel.

...O RLY?

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DBCP said:Today it was only running 2 of the 3 trains.
Just the fact that it's news-worthy that the park is running slightly under capacity is one of the reasons I love Cedar Point.

Welcome back, red train, how was your ride?!
That isn't news-worthy. Now if Iron Dragon was in the process of being repainted with a color other than red...well that would be newsworthy.

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Why should coasters be painted to different colors than they originally were? It got a paint job in 2004, that should be good enough.

Welcome back, red train, how was your ride?!
Ok, I might be reading your post wrong but, that is kinda what I'm saying...i think. They should have just kept it it's original colors, but no, they had to paint the supports yellow. Oh and I could care less what colors they are, I was just kidding around in the first post. Sorry if you took it to heart. :)

Ride count on the Voyage: 40 Most consecutive rides on the Voyage: 36 Day after thigh bruises from airtime: Priceless
And somebody up there likes "bright" yellow! I think they took what was left over and smacked it on Thunderhawk at GL. For me anyway, it borders on just being an eyesore, like both coasters original colors better.

It seems ID's been down quite a bit this season. There's been at least two times this season that it was down periodically when we were there too. Personally, I would hope they keep it around though, (not that I believe it's going anywhere!). It's been a nice "first big coaster for my kids", and it's still a pretty decent suspended coaster.

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Yeah, Cedar Point is like the ultimate "Coaster Park for Beginners." You can pretty much break your kids in on half the coasters at the park.
Well it was just parked on the lift hill the whole time it was there...that was good that it started running though.

Actually Big Bad Wolf at BGW was my first "big coaster", so it does strike some memories. I wouldn't care too much if they removed ID , but it is a nice coaster for not big thrillers (or for after lunch).

I guess we'll just have to see...


I doubt it would be removed to but I disagree with those who think it wouldn't take away from the Point if it was removed - Arrow Suspendeds are rare and make for a good family ride.
Its a fun little ride, I wish when it had a faster pace but for that you can always try the one at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg (Big Bad Wolf)

I like the fun roller coasters with small dips and quick turns.

I just wish CP would retrofit Iron Dragon with lap bars.

Prowler. Opens May,2 2009.

Iron Dragon recently got a new lift motor. My guess is it's somehow related.
BBW is still the best suspended I've ridden, and it was my daughters first big coaster. That 100' drop down to the river at the end still just rocks! We celebrated it by taking her to the BBW merch. stand and letting her go on a mini shopping spree. Good times!
It was shut down when i was there yesterday and i thought it was odd because i have never seen that ride broken down.

Floorless Fan said:
BBW is still the best suspended I've ridden,

SFMM's "Ninja" comes in a close second, followed by PKI's Top Gun and PCW's Vortex. As for the one at CP I've always heard it called "Draggin Iron". *** Edited 8/10/2006 1:15:13 AM UTC by Borntocoast***

I was just there last week and it was closed Thursday, but running only one train on Friday (unless all the trains are the same color, in which case, it was running extremely slow so that it seemed like they were running only one train). I kinda wanted to ride it for old time sakes, but I didn't feel like waiting 30 minutes for it. Oh yeah, also looked like the chain was disconnected on Thursday, maybe they were replacing it (which wouldn't make since seeing as how one of the trains was parked at the top of the hill)?

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