Irene and parks closing

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So far the following parks are closed this weekend

Six Flags America (reopens Sept 3)
Six Flags Great Adventure (reopens Aug 29 depending on conditions)
Six Flags New England (reopens Sept 3)
Morey's Piers (reopens Aug 30 depending on conditions)
Clementon Park (no reopen date)
Dorney Park is open Saturday, but should check before going. No word on Sunday

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Add Kings Dominion--closed Saturday.

Fantasy Island in NJ closed, reopening next week (exact date not given)

Steel Pier closed Friday - Sunday

And although the sites aren't updated, I'm sure Playland and Gillian's in Ocean City, NJ will be closed since they are all under mandatory evacuation and they showed the boardwalks on the news completely empty.

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Keansburg will be closed also as they are under evac as well.

Pretty much anything in NJ is going to be closed I think..

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Coney Island
Rye Playland
Adventureland (Long Island)
Adventurers FEC (Brooklyn)
All closed until at least Monday.

Great Escape just posted they will be closed on Sunday.

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Busch Gardens Williamsburg, no word on reopening date.


Dorney was open until 5:00 today, the park was empty. They are closed tomorrow.

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To all of you who are in Irene's path, please stay safe!


Looks like Hersheypark and Knoebels are in store for some heavy rains. Hopefully no serious flooding at either place........hopefully!

Any word on damage at any of the affected parks? Hope all the CB East Coasters and their families came through OK.

Some people say the wind sounded like a jet engine. When I woke up at 2 am Sunday, it sounded like the B&M "roar" on Dominator/Medusa!

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

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Hey Mike.. saw that GADV is still closed... Morey's is opening tomorrow.. and Dorney is open.

Saw on someone's FB page that they were at Hershey on Saturday.. looked like most rides were walkons

Just another Mike..

Correction, Morey's Piers opened today at 12pm.

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