IOA/USF/BGT/SWO & Wet 'n Wild (Past Week)

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Well, I will try to make this as short as possible because the plane ride was just too long (damn crying babies). Also, I did ride more than just the coasters and the rides noted, but yet again, im tired as hell.

Ride Totals/Wait Times (Coasters):


Kumba - 4x / Walk On in the morning, 25 min wait during the afternoon. I enjoyed the ride, but there really wasn't anything too special about it.

Montu - 3x /10 min. My favorite ride in the park. The front row was awesome.

Gwazi - 2x on each side/Walk on. My only complaint is that they didn't actually have the ride dueling.

Scorpion - Once/15 min wait (one train operation)

Python - It was closed, but it appeared as if they were painting a section of track underneath the small dip after the lift hill.


Hulk - 7x / The longest it got to was 40 minutes, but I never waited more than 20. The Singles line helped out a lot in that accomplishment. Also, the launch was sweet, but like stated before in ViperMan6flgs trip report, the 2nd half of the ride is fairly slow and uneventful. In simpler terms, I thought the 2nd half was boring.

Dueling Dragons - Fire 7x and Ice 5x/ No more than 20 minutes, but usually a walk on. My favorite coaster of the trip. Ice was deffinitly more intense, but fire had a better view of all the "close encounters". I can't choose which side I like more, they were both awesome.


Kraken - 5x / 5-10 min wait. I actually was very impressed with the ride. The floorless effect is really only noticable in the front row, but for some reason it still surprised me.

I also went to Wet 'n Wild and Universal Studios Florida, and both were enjoyable. Highlights of USF were Back to the Future, Men In Black, and the Horror Make-Up Show. At Wet 'n Wild, the best slides were the Storm and Bomb Bay.

A few outstanding and/or dissapointing flat rides:

Spiderman - I was extremely impressed with the effects of the ride. When you were "falling" off the side of the building, it actually did feel like you were plummeting towards the ground.

Dr. Dooms Fearfall - I was dissapointed with the size of the towers (150 ft.), but the great pop of airtime made up for it.

Twister - A little bit of a let down. I think they could have done more with the ride, but it was thrilling never-the-less.

Journey To Atlantis - Aren't you supposed to get wet on the big drops, and not the little ones?

Rhino Ralley - I liked this ride a lot. Sure, it was a little cheesy, but the driver was funny, for the most part. I liked being up close to the animals like that.

Overall Trip:

I had fun, and that's the most important thing. One suggestion to Florida - Get a hyper coaster!
The top 3 all time cobrarolls.

2)Deja Vu's (times 3)
3)Batman Knight Flight's

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Good TR. I'm glad you had a good time. I haven't been to FL in a few years, but i think you did a good job at sizing the best rides up. Montu was my 1st ever inverted, and i loved it!

I'm glad you mentioned the Bomb Bay at W'N'W. That ride is just sadistic! Scariest slide i've been on, including Summit Plummet.


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You're the first person I think I've ever heard say that Ice is more intense than Fire. Not to say that you're wrong or anything-it's just an interesting point of view. I find Fire to be the most intense invert I've ridden (Montu, Raptor, B:TR, Alpie, Fire, Ice), especially in the back row, right hand side.

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Sounds like another victim of the that tiny drop on jta that soaks the entire front of the boat with a huge unexpected wave.
I hope they kill that iron yuppie. Thinks he's so big. The great homer simspon
I really didn't expect that splash either, which soaked the whole left side of my body.

Mark, Ice just seemed to be running a lot faster and the Cobra Roll was really flying. Fire was smoother than Ice, though, which might have made a little difference.

The top 3 all time cobrarolls.

2)Deja Vu's (times 3)
3)Batman Knight Flight's

If it ain't broken, don't fix it.

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Ice would have been more intense had it not been for the "aimless wandering" finale. Both are great inverters. :) I'm surprised you thought Kraken over Kumba. Kraken's elements just seemed a little too big for me, and a B&M ride without it's roar is like a tiger without it's claws.

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