IOA tips and suggestions needed

Tuesday, September 10, 2002 7:26 PM

Hi everyone,

I just found out that while in Orlando for a business related trade show, I will get a free day to do something and that something will be Islands of Adventure. That day will be Monday Sept. 23rd.

I would appreciated tips on what rides to hit first and which to skip since the park is only open 9 hours that day. Also any other advice would be appreciated.

thanks in advance

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Tuesday, September 10, 2002 8:13 PM
First of all hit spiderman first thing in the morning as it will have the longest line of the day pretty much all day. Take advantage of the single rider lines especially on the hulk and spiderman. It can turn a two hour wait into a walk-on. After hitting spiderman first then hit dr. doom then proceed to toon lagoon and do the park walking in a clockwise direction you should be able to avoid most of lines that way as people don't filter to the back for a couple of hours. Last of all have fun IOA is, in my opinion, the greatest park on earth.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2002 8:27 PM

You will probibly get to do everything there is to do if you have 9 hours. The park has some of the greatest attractions in the world, however there is not that many of them.

Have fun, and make sure you ride the water rides even if the weather isn't great. Especially JPRA, my old workplace.


Tuesday, September 10, 2002 8:43 PM

dexter, *scaring* kids on JPRA is one of the great joys in life....Hit Spidey at open, then do all the water rides, DDR and Bilge Rats are easily among the very best water rides anywhere...then you'll be nice and soaky and can get the coaster seats all wet.....Buwahahaha.....Fire Dragon is easily among the most re-rideable B&M inverting coasters, and should be ridden LIBERALLY....beautiful park, not nature-beautiful like BGW, but themed "to the nines"....

Single riders are on Hulk and Doom - and MiB at USF....:)...don't *think* there's one on Spidey.....

Tuesday, September 10, 2002 9:06 PM

On a Monday in September, forget about it. It should be short waits most of the day as the locals are either working or at school and the convention season doesn't pick up in earnest until October.

If you get there at the open and head straight for Spidey you should be able to practically walk onto all three of the Marvel thrill rides (Storm Force is NEVER busy as the 4th attraction there).

If I'm wrong, and once you're done with Spidey you see waits building at Hulk or Dr. Doom, grab a Universal Express for Hulk and hit Toon Lagoon's water rides before the crowd catches up. Staying a step ahead will work you through Jurassic Park River Adventure and Dueling Dragons in good fashion.

In all likelihood, you will be able to ride the top thrill rides and be done with that before lunch. But don't go. If you're there, do it right. Cut loose in Seuss Landing, even if you're an adult on One Fish, Two Fish and Cat in the Hat. Stop by the fountain in front of the Sindbad show. Catch the Sindbad and Poseidon Fury presentations. Walk into the Jurassic Park Visitors Center and actually go downstairs and check out the exhibits and the raptor hatchings.

On a Monday in September you should have enough time to ride the E-tickets at least twice. The park is a breeze to circle.

Wednesday, September 11, 2002 9:02 AM

First, search, as I know I have answered this question with my answer before. Here is what I say:

Get there before opening and do Hulk first in the front. (its an extra 40 min later, so this is your only chance to ride the front with a short wait). Then do spiderman, it will still have a short wait. After that, do Dr. Doom's fearfall and all three water rides. Universal Express opens at 11 I think, so head back to Marvel and get passes for Spiderman and Hulk just after 11. Then do Suess Landing and Lost Continent. Do not worry about getting to DD early, the line stays reasonable all day. Its not a huge park, but it does have plenty to do.

Wednesday, September 11, 2002 9:16 AM

Being from Ohio, I have only been to IOA once and can honestly say that it is my favorite "theme" park. Universal did an amazing job building this place. The detail throughout the park is incredible. While the theming really is THAT good, the rides are better. Spiderman is a must. This is an experience like no other and you won't be disappointed. Both Hulk and DD are world class coasters and should not be missed. I, like others, was very impressed with the great water rides. All were very well themed that were just very fun. More fun than I've ever had on water rides. My wife LOVED Poseidens Fury. When you get done with the rides, just take in a couple of the shows that they have. There is not one negative in that park. IF you do finish the park early, there is always Riverwalk. You have to walk through it to get out of the park so might as well take advantage of it. Stop in the hard rock cafe or Margaritaville and take in some food and a drink. Most importantly be prepared for sensory overload. This park is like nothing I have seen before. I just wished I lived closer.

Wednesday, September 11, 2002 10:27 AM
In September you should have no problem riding everything many times. The last time I was there they had a reentry point for Dueling Dragons, use it, the queue is about half a mile long. Definately check out out Dr. Suess Land, Cat in the Hat is a great ride, fun for all ages.

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