IOA First Time!!!!! 8/1/07

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We headed to Orlando from our house in Interlachen and arrived at the park around 915ish. The first thing I'd like to note is the fact that parking is 11 dollars. Since everything in Orlando is expensive we expected to have to pay around 20 so this was a good thing. They also provide a parking garage, tram service and escalators to get you to the park for this price. Six flags if your listening your parking price sucks.

The first coaster that we decided to hit was Pteranodon Flyers since they don't let adults ride when the line gets long. On our way to the Jurassic Park section we really loved the amazing theming in this park.

The wait for the flyers was about 10 mins and the man at the front entrance said it was ok for us to ride so we went in. The ride has outstanding theming but is just a lackluster ride. It's smooth and peaceful that's about it. Since that's what it's made for though we give it a 7/10.

Next we went over to Jurassic Park River Adventure. This was a walk on which surprised us on this hot day so we hopped on and were on our way. This ride has outstanding animatronics , theming and storyline. It was just an outstanding ride. The falling box and T Rex at the end really got us as well. As for the splashdown we got a few drops. It definatly wasn't as wet as I expected but was still great. Overall 8/10.

Next we headed to Flying Unicorn which was a walk on as well. The theming even to this family coaster impressed us. The ride itself was alright. It was smooth and a decent little ride for what it's worth. The theming and enthusiastic ride ops give it a 7/10 though.

Next we headed to Dueling Dragons. We heard the Ice side had better visuals so we rode that first. The wait was 10 mins for the front row. Once again absolutely amazing theming. Does anyone know how long the wait is when this que's filled though it seems like hours since it takes 5 mins to walk through. The ride itself was amazing. It was smooth as glass and actually provided a scary experience with the near misses. It was also forceful which was a change for newer B&M's. Overall 10/10

Next we did the Fire side of Dueling Dragons which was a 10 min wait for the front as well. I didn't like it as much as Ice because the visuals aren't as great but it was smooth and forceful so it was still a great ride. Basically if you want ground hugging ride Fire if you want visuals ride Ice. If your smart ride both. Overall 9/10.

Next we decided to do Incredible Hulk which was a hour and 15 min wait for the front. Once again this has supurb theming but not anything close to what Dueling Dragons has. The ride itself was great. It was smooth, has a surprising launch and packed the forces. I also loved the mist filled tunnel. I thought it would just be another Medusa but it's not it's great. Overall 9/10.

Next we went to Dr. Doom which had a 45 min wait but soon went down due to a storm that was in the area so we moved on to Spiderman.

Spiderman had a 15 min wait which was great. The ride really surprised us with it's effects. The heat and water effects really surprised us and the fall off the building was amazing. I grabbed the lap bar because it really felt like I was falling. You really haven't experienced a dark ride until you've ridden this. Overall 10/10.

We realized Dr Doom had reopened at this point so we ran over there. Bam just like that we got a walk on ride. I loved the theming to this as well as the fact that you launch out of his lair. The ride had airtime, force and great visuals of Orlando. Overall 9/10.

Next we went over to Dudley Doo-right's Ripsaw Falls. The wait for this was about a half hour which was once again surprising considering the hot humid day. Before I get to the ride I must say that line jumpers on this ride are bad. We counted about 45 people jump us and when we stopped a group they got angry and a punk threatened us so we let them go. Now as for the ride it was great. The theming made it really stand out. I loved the triple hill at the end. Now I also must say that on this unlike other log flumes you really do get wet. Overall 10/10.

Next we went over to Popeye & Bluto's Bilge- Rat Barges. This ride had an 1 1/2 wait though so we decided to skip it and go back to Jurassic Park again. This was also sporting a 1 1/2 wait so we went into the Dinosaur Museum instead.

The museum was great. We loved the hatching of the eggs, the game show and the way you could move the dinos heads and look through they're eyes. Overall the museum gets a 8/10.

On our way back around we saw that Dueling Dragons only had a 10 min wait for the back so we took it. We rode the Ice side again which was great. It was still smooth and intense but lacked the visuals so we determined the front was better. Still the back gets a 9/10.

Next we decided to ride Cat In The Hat which had a 20 min wait. The ride was more fun than we expected and had some more great theming. The only problem was they kept stopping the ride because some idiots kept standing up. We really enjoyed the story and the occasional good spin. Overall 8/10.

After this the skies finally opened up and we decided to leave. This is now one of my favorite parks and we will definatly go back when Harry Potter opens. A few other notes....

We loved the ride ops! They were all efficient friendly and themed to each attraction. We must esp give probs to the Flying Unicorn crew. Lastly we bought pizza from the place between Dr Doom and Spiderman. It was alright but definatly a rip off at 4.00. That's all for now next up USF & Old Town.

Sounds like a perfect IOA trip. Surprised after all these years those rides still bring a smooth ride.

Jurassic River Ride is the best in the back. Water shoots straight up, and lands in the back.

The longest I've waited for dueling dragons was 2 hours. And we still walked half of the queue.

But it sounds like a blast, I need to head down there again, it's been a while.

-Why is Wicked Twister closed?
~Biting Flies.
-Biting Flies...

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Nice report, makes me want want to go back even more. We have never waited more than 15 minutes for anything since we go in the off season and stay on resort. I can't imagine dueling dragons ever having a full queue, seems like they over estimated on that one.

Yeah I was thinking that too. That que's like a 1/4 of a mile.

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