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I just got back from florida and figured I would write a report over the several parks I went to. First off we went to Ft Laurderdale and on the way to our hotel just off the hiway is a wood coaster called the diana beach hurricane. It was the only coaster at this small fair type park but it looked exceptionaly good. But I was never able to get up and ride it. I was just wondering if anyone has rode this coaster becasue I had never heard of it until this trip.

After spending some time in Ft Laurderdale we traveled up to Orlando. First day, tuesday, we hit Blizzard Beach because we had been there about 4 years ago and liked it so much so we went back. I just love summit plummit. That thing is just awesome and the drop beats a lot of coasters i've rode. The day was ended around 1 due to a storm that would not leave until around 8 that night. One more thing, what happened to River Country. It like fell off teh face of the earth of what. Its not on any maps and I never heard anything about it closing. What happened to it?

On wednesday we went to IOA. This park was awesome. The themeing on everything and every ride and the atmosphere of all the lands was just great. I do plan on visting again. I still would rather goto cp more because I like riding coasters and IOA doesn't have many, Of course the ones they have are top notch and almost un beat able

We arrived at the park and headed to spiderman first because I knew the line could get very long. The ride was good but maybe it was just me but it wasn't all that great. I mean it is very different and a great ride but I don't know maybe i was expecting to much but I wasn't completely satisfied. Still its a must ride. I just wanna take this time and compare this to something like TR:TR. Many said that PKI was heading towards a universal type ride. The themeing in TR:TR's line is universal type. But where did they go wrong with the ride. A top spin was not the right ride to put in. Now spiderman was the kind of ride I was expecting out of TR:TR. I relize that it would have cost so much more but still if PKI wanted to be more like universal they should have tried harder on the ride part.

Ok next ride - Dr Dooms Fear Fall. We hit this next because it was in the area. I liked it just like all the S&S towers, this one was just a bit shorter than most but gave just as much air at the top. We also hit the acelererator ride(forgot the name) which was like tea cups and was nothing more or less.

We then hit Hulk. I wasn't sure what to think of this ride because it was rated # 1 but I had heard so many people say it was overrated so i got on it with an open mind about it. The launch was just awesome along with the whole first half of the ride. But after the mid course it lacks somethin I thought. I still loved the ride but thought somethin else could deserve #1. But I rode this ride so much all over and I love it. Just needs a more intense ending or somethin.

Dudley Dooright log flume. This was a very good flume and had so many suprises along with being very long. I really liked the bunny hop type thing u did after a few of the drops. I didn't ride the other water ride in here because I didnt wanna get soaked but it looked very fun and intense.

The Jurrasic Park Adventure raft ride was next. I liked it and thought it was a very nice ride and after seeing all the movies saw a real good resmblence on the things used. We skippped the flyers because it had a 75 minute wait so we went on to the Flying Unicorn.

The Flying Unicorn was a nice family coaster and its only problem I found was it being a little short but it was still a good ride. We then headed to the dragons.

The line back there is so freaking big. Even once you get in the castle it takes forever. I feel sorry for anyone who has waited all the way out the actual entrance by the dragons. If anyone has, how long did it take? I was a little disapointed in the crew. They would always stack it even later in the day when it only ran 2 trains. The hulk crew was so much better. I have still yet to decide which side I like better. I rode them both in front and in back several times all over too. I thought ice had a bad ending like hulk but the fire's bunny hop had no air and was only cool because ice went right below you. One of the things I liked best about both rides is the fact the chain lifts can go faster and slower so that the two trains can always be close and you always duel.

Posidens Fury was a very well themed fun adventure. I was suprised at about everything that came out of it. The sinbad show was neat too.

I never rode anything in suess landing but I went through it a few times. I was just wondering what the monerail type thing is. It wasnt listed on teh map i dont think and I never saw it in operation. I was just wondering about the ride in general. I will complete this TR in a few days which will include the Universal Studios and Busch Gardens park

I felt much the same about IOA, and Spiderman, I have no clue why so many think it's the best ride in the world, it's great, but its a family attraction. Posidon's Fury infact is better that thing is awesome! A full DD queue, it about 2-3 hours if they run 3 trains a side. The monorail ride is being disscussed in Genreal fourm now, the capacity is bad for a ride that is not very good, so it's not ever going to open. The Cat in the Hat dark ride is the real good thing in Suess.

See THE ULTIMATE in Orlando TR'S! Right now in the TR fourm!

Nice TR. I love IOA, too!

However, I haven't been in a year or two because the UExpress system frustrates me. They give it to all of their hotel guests for the whole day and make me feel like a second class citizen

To answer your first question: I live 15 minutes from the Dania Beach Hurricane and it is awesome! Very smooth, a lot of air, and NEVER a line.

Glad you had a good trip. I loved the Hurricane at Dania Beach Boomers. It does have some incredible airtime and is a fast wild ride (especially in the rain!!!). When we were down there in June, they had a banner out saying you could ride all day for $10!!!

River Country is closed until further notice, but rumors are that it may be closed permanently until they come up with a better concept for it. They may completely re-theme it and add more slides to bring it up to synch with the other 2 parks.

I've only seen the Dragon queue almost full once (and that was 2 years ago). The nice thing is that since most of the line is inside even when there is one, you can stay comfortable on a summer day.

Oh, and the UExpress program for Hotel guests has just changed so that they only get to use their room keys to skip to the front once an hour. I'm not sure how they do that (maybe a ticket card), but I'll find out in September since we're staying at their new Royal Pacific Hotel. They announced this change to passholders, probably due to having yet another on-site hotel open and even more people having the privelage.

How long is the wait time from this point?

When did they change this, i was there on july 4th and it was the same as 2001...It was the best in 99/00 though.

Shady i stayed at RPH and was not impressed at all. If you've stayed at the other USO hotels i think you will be greatly dissapointed. It's still better than almost every disney hotel though.

Cool TR. IOA is one of my favorite Orlando parks. Good thing you didn't go on Popeye's because you would have gotten drenched. It is an awesome ride though. The only thing I disagree on is Fire's bunny hop. My legs hit the top of the OTSR! HaHa. Oh well, to each their own. Glad you had fun.

Does this thing go faaaaaast!


This was supposed to change here very soon. Not sure if it's in effect yet or not.

We've stayed at the Portofino when it first opened, but never got a chance yet to try Hard Rock. They're running a special for Annual Passholders at RPH for $99 a night through September. We went to the open house and kinda liked it actually. We normally stay at Hampton Inns, so any type of resort hotel is a big switch for us. At Disney we've stayed at Wilderness Lodge and Poly. I had a friend that was a manager at Poly and she upgraded us to a nice family size suite with a balcony overlooking the lagoon and Magic Kingdom. That's probably been our best resort room yet!


How long is the wait time from this point?

How could you not love the bunny hop? It's my favorite element on any coaster that I've experienced. No air? You've got to be kidding. Maybe you were super-stapled. :)

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