IOA, and first time at Busch Gardens Tampa

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Monday, April 16, 2001 12:29 PM

I went the tuesday before easter. I have always wanted to come here to see how it compared to IOA. The first thing that I noticed was the theming, which comes in second on my list, only
to ioa. A lot of work was being done on Rhino Rally. Looks like a great ride, and really long(takes up 1/3 of the park?)

GWAZI LION- Much better than I expected. Great ride. Rough like a woodie should be.

GWAZI TIGER- Much much better than expected. seemed a little faster than lion. I couldnt believe how fast you go through the turns at the middle of the ride. Awesome. Very intense.

MONTU- Great layout. It was cool that there were trenches at the bottom of most of the drops. Pretty much what I expected.

KUMBA- I might have liked this ride if I went on it more than once, but I couldnt because it gave me such a headache. After hearing how good it was, I was kind of dissapointed.

For all the newcomers to bgt, one suggestion is to look at the park map before you head towards a ride(Kumba esp). We ended up going way out of our way because we came to a dead end a couple of exibits. The park should connect the area by the log ride and scorpion, imo.


This was my 4th time here. I'm addicted. We went the friday before easter. Can you say "C-R-O-W-D-E-D"? 2 hour wait for everything but duelling dragons, and even that line was out of the castle at times! We got there at 8 am, and stayed till 10 pm, figuring there would be less lines later in the day. Wrong! Oh well, at least I got to ride duelling dragons and hulk in the dark. Still my favorite park though. The only park where i'm happy to part with my money.

Tuesday, April 17, 2001 4:43 AM
Great TR,

Wow, the line for DG was coming out of the castle, unbelievable, that would be a long wait.

Yeah, you'd think the lines will drop off when it gets dark but that's not the case.
You'd think that visiting CP in August, that the line for MF would drop off at night so you could get a ride, nope, doesn't work like that. Ends up that I got in line at 9pm and it was a full 2 hour wait.

And you even got there early at 8am.
Everyone was off work that day, and the people who did work got off half a day.
You just went on a busy day. I'm driving up April 29th and 30th. I always go on non holiday days during the week when everyone is working.

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