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Sunday, June 24, 2001 10:23 AM
On Tuesday I went to Islands of Adventure. There was a large crowd and long lines, and thunderstorms. I got to the park before opening and there was already a crowd in line for the turnstiles which were not open. The park opened 15 minutes early. I ran to Hulk and had a great ride in the front row.Who said Hulk was getting rough? It was very smooth. After riding once I wanted to ride again but the line was already outside.Then I went to Doctor Doom's Fearfall. Some great airtime and a view of hotel construction. Then I went back to Dueling Dragons. Only one train was running per side at the moment and I had to wait a couple of minutes for Fire's front row. I love the camelback and it was even better in the back. I then rode Ice. I think they needed to put on some new wheels because it was kind of shaking. I ddn't ride Ice anymore but I rode Fire two more times. Next I did some of the water rides. Popeye is the best white water rapids ride in the world. It is long it completely soaks you. Then I waited in line an hour for Hulk. Then I got an Express Pass but didn't use it due to inclement weather. I ate some pizza the waited for Hulk for the front and had a great time again. Then the thunderstorms came and I left the park. I thought I would get in more than 7 coasters but the lines were long and it started raining at 3:00.
On Thursday I went to Busch Gardens Tampa again. I was first in line for the turnstiles and got the first ride of the day on Montu in the front row. I rode 10 times on Montu and could have done more if it didn't rain. Then I decided to go back to Kumba but the back of the park wasn't opened yet and there was a crowd of people being blocked off. I could only hope that they were going to Rhino Rally (I didn't Ride: Long lines!)And when they let people in, every single one of them except my sister and I, went to RR. We went to Kumba and after a few test runs we boarded front row, first ride. First ride on MONTU and KUMBA of the day for the public! I rode 7 times before going to a different attraction and 10 in all. The ride does give you a headache. Around 2:00 it began to rain. I hopped into Gwazi's line and when people left, went to the front. There was a 15 minute delay then I rode Gwazi:Tiger two times. The only smooth part was the first drop. Then I was thrown around banging my leg into the lapbar. Then I rode in the back and I almost broke some ribs from banging into the divider. Overall it was a fun rain shortened visit(left at 4:00). I got 22 rides at BGT and had a fun time at both parks!


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