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Friday, March 15, 2002 4:08 PM

The weather could not have been more perfect. Temps in the 70’s and not a cloud in the sky coupled along with a nice breeze. WE arrived at opening, and it took a while to get in because there was not enough turnstiles open.

The theming is unreal, which is means its good, The attention to every little detail is amazing. Little quirks like the leaf imprints on the ground in the Jurassic park area to there not being a straight anything (aside from my friend myself I know) at Seuss Landing just shows this. The only lapse in detail I saw was that the skull teeth towards the end of the dragon’s queue had nice teeth. I did not know they had such great dentistry back in the middle ages

The first ride of the day was Spiderman. It was a walk on which actually kind of made me sad because I could not take time to look at the theming in the queue. I thought it was really fun with lots of surprises, which made me jump. My favorite part was when are car got thrown around between buildings, good stuff. WE ride it again since it was a walk on and sadly, it does not have much of a re-rideabilty factor.

Next was Hulk and I felt it was really good (A-). I did not expect the launch to be as intense and more gradual. The roll out is the best part of the ride. As a whole, it kept up good speed into the brakes and even had a spot of air after the midcourse. We rode it about 6 times during the day, and contrary to ever other Beemer I rode, I like the front of the train better because the launch feels more intense up there.

As we walked around the park clockwise, There really aren’t a whole lot of rides in the park. Still its great to look at and my favorite part of the park was the Jurassic Park area. Behind the visitors center is a quiet little part, which is nice and shady with a great view of the park. Just sitting there was pretty nice. The visitor’s center was kind of fun and we disposed of the Dino eggs quickly in the identification game.

The other big coaster in the park, Double Dragon, or Dueling Dragons was pretty good (B+). I’m going to go against what most people think and prefer Ice to Fire. Fire just felt like it was out of gas the whole time and I felt the inversions were taken at slow speeds making it feel almost forceless. Also taking the camelback in those bulky OTSR’s does not appeal to me at all. Taking the camelback and seeing the train below me doing my favorite maneuver just made me jealous. I liked Ice’s nice compact cobra roll and apart from the first element after the drop, had better pacing. The only thing Fire had over Ice was a better visuals, but I don’t care to look at much on my inverts (which is why I only rode in the front seat once), I prefer forceful, fun ride. I also like their dedication to dueling the thing, like it should be.

The lamest thing in the park was poisons fury. I would have rather just walked through the water tunnel then listen to the boring “theme” of the story. Even the little kids appeared to not like it too much.

The “Express” system appeared to work OK, but I felt it did have its flaws On hulk there was nothing stopping line jumpers to jump into the express queue (Ironic, illegal line Jumpers jumping into the legal Line Jumping queue) I did not see any point in using it since waits were less than 30 minutes throughout the day. Also on Dueling Dragons, the point were the express users joined the regular line was behind were the regular lines started. What the hecks the point?!! Just get in line, its the same length.

Food was pretty good. I had a chicken sandwich, drink and onion rings in the JP center for about $11. Not that bad for a park. Also I liked there lemon chills slushes. I really liked a shirt they had which I purchased. Like the little stick figures with bad backs, bad hearts that say “no riding if”, The shirt had this one had a stick guy puking out what looks like Dipn’ Dots crossed out and it says NO PUKING.


Dueling Dragons started out with just 1 train on 2 sides. Later they added 2 but the Capacity came out to 1200 PPH with 4 trains. Understandable because they want them to be dueling but still could be better. Later in the day when there was still a decent line, they decided to end the 4 train and go back to 2. Pretty stupid I felt with only an hour left in the day. The line for the front was still huge and I would be surprised if they got a ride within the hour. When they took of the trains, they first told us they were not loading, and locked down all the restraints. After this they then released those restraints and let people on. The next train they decided to take off and then did the same thing and then took of the trains. 5 minute of waiting in line penalty on me for wearing a Cedar Point hat I think was the call.

On Hulk I saw the most absurd operation. Hulk was 2 trains, and halfway through they day something must have happened to a row in one of the trains because that row was tied off. They added a third train at this point. However when the train came in with the bad row, not only were the people in that row were not allowed in but nobody was allowed in! They kept sending that train empty for the rest of the day! If it’s broken, just take the dang thing off.

Dr Doom only ran 1 tower most of the day and the Jurassic Park River thing was down for the day.

Overall, the park was fun and defiantly targeted towards the families, which is what it’s all about. I may go back as is, but another good thrill ride (tear down Poseidon's Crap and Put in a GCI dueler ) will make the decision to go there again easier.

I give the Park my following Platinum Ticket Awards.

Best THemeing
Best Looking Ground
Best Lemon Chill
Best Lemon Chill Guy
Best T-shirt
Best Uniforms
Best Restraint Tie Offs
Best 3D Glasses on any Ride
Also-Chewiest Churro Award

Don't, Don't Don't believe, Don't believe the hype.

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Saturday, March 16, 2002 7:04 PM

Very funny!
But no mention of Dudleys or Popeye. You're obviously not a water ride dude!

Thanks for the TR though!

If Lifes a Rollercoaster, I want a Flawless

Monday, March 18, 2002 2:02 PM
I'm glad to hear the park is "defiantly" targeted toward the families. Sorry, I had to laugh at your spelling mistake. I also had to laugh at your thinking $11 for a sandwich, oinion rings, and a drink was reasonable. Great trip report, though.
The word "definitely" is definitely the most misspelled word on the buzz.
Monday, March 18, 2002 3:50 PM
Ha, yeah I meant I was not a family park because it defies being one ;). Also I should have added a disclaimer, $11 for a meal was reasonable for an Orlando park!

Don't, Don't Don't believe, Don't believe the hype.


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