IOA 12/29/07

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when I got there, I went on spiderman, it was very good, and the effects were amazing. The wait was kind of long, 80 minutes. Next, I went on The Hulk which had a wait of only 60 minutes. On the hulk the launch, zero g roll and cobra roll were great. the rest of the ride is kind of boring, but still good. Then, I went on dueling dragons fire, which had only a 60 minute wait also. Thait was very fast, and had great immelmans. I also liked the near-misses. Overall, it was a great trip
Woah, I allways thought those Delorian Time Machines were a fake, you sir however are living proof that that they do infact work. Tell me, whats the future like? And pm me, I would love to hear how the 2007 NCAA Basketball Tournament works out ;).

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Wow--what a short TR. Maybe using those time machines have unfortunate side effects :)

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