IOA 1-6-03

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My cousin and I got to the park just before opening again to find that we were one of only 15 cars in the parking garage. After entering the park we got a few quick walk on rides on the Hulk which was running two trains. I rode front seat the first time since it was a walk on. The launch and zero g roll at the top is great but the rest of the ride is missing something. I think its just because the MCBR is so close to the end it just makes the ride feel like its missing something. After the two rides on the Hulk headed to Spiderman where we walked on and the ride was totally out of whack. The sound didn't work or any of the effects. We just went straight through the track without stopping at any of the screens. Someone told them about it but they never took the ride down for it. We didn't ride it again. After that we got a few rides on Dr. Doom's and went to try to go back to Dueling Dragons to find out they don't open the back of the park till 10. We had 30 minutes to burn so we played some good old DDR in the Arcade by Dr. Doom's. They have 2 DDR machines and both were getting used thoroughly. My cousin and I are so addicted to this game that I might have to go buy a PS2 and get rid of my xbox for this game alone. I then headed to the back of the park to walk on Dueling Dragons to find that they are only running Fire. They didn't run Ice the whole week I was there. I love the airtime hill on Fire and the intensity of the whole ride. After a few more rides and some more DDR I left the park. I found a few good spots outside the park to get some pictures of the Hulk's backside. Also I went behind the park by the Hess gas station and got some good out of park pictures of Dueling Dragons. IOA is good park but it needs a new major attraction because its getting somewhat boring after having been there 5 times over the past few years.

Favorite Wood: Viper at SFGAM,Shivering Timbers
Favorite Steel: Magnum and Raging Bull

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