Investors propose Old West theme park near Las Vegas

Posted Wednesday, August 11, 2004 10:54 AM | Contributed by ProgRay

A group of investors has plans to build a zoo and a separate 364-acre Old West theme park in Boulder City, Nevada. The theme park would likely include rides, shows, and replicas of Old West buildings.

Read more from The Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004 11:13 AM
If i'm not mistaken, that's the theme to the west of Vegas already! There were several towns that already were old west attractions between Lost Wages and Bakersfield.... They were lacking rides though....

Along with an intact, but abandoned Waterpark

Wednesday, August 11, 2004 11:26 AM
Oh, this would be sweet. Boulder City is already worth the drive from Vegas, what with the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead (east of Vegas, FYI).
Wednesday, August 11, 2004 11:41 AM
Hmmmm....I'm sure someone will point out that it will be hotter than heck. Not that I'm not all for it or anything. ;)
Wednesday, August 11, 2004 5:54 PM
It is about 107 today. It is too hot for me to walk out my back door and jump in my pool! I have that special deck (Cool Deck) that is supposed to keep the feet from burning and my dog is scared to come from a little plot of grass to his dog door.

Furthermore, Boulder City has a tight regulation on how much land they develop. The city owns about as much land as all of Vegas is on. They run a very controlled growth program. In my opinion this WILL NEVER happen on land owned by Boulder City.

P.S. I’m no Boulder City expert, but I do work out there and have even treated one of the guys on the planning commission. He was upset about the recent addition of a golf course. I cannot imagine what he would say to Wally World in his back yard!

While I certainly would love a theme park near my home, it just seems like a bad idea. If my Cool Deck is burning my dog’s feet today, I’m not sure what materials they can use on their rides that would make it even remotely comfortable for the guest. It would have to be like Universal Studio’s or something of the sort to ever work.

Could you imagine sitting in a spider car waiting to get off in the hot desert sun?

P.S.S. I live out on the west side of Vegas (Summerlin)! This is the cool part of town. It is a good 5-10 degrees hotter where they are proposing the park. Maybe they want a seasonal park that is closed in the summer. Hmmmm!

Wednesday, August 11, 2004 6:11 PM
Or open only during the evenings. Isn't this the reason there are no huge parks in Phoenix?

If you are going to build a theme park, do it within easy reach (or monorail ride) from the pool of potential guests. Developing a park for locals only would be like saying, "We want to make money, but not that much money."

Jeffrey, you should get little shoes for your doggie! ;)

Wednesday, August 11, 2004 6:13 PM
I've got those dog shoes! LOL! :-)
Wednesday, August 11, 2004 9:41 PM

I missed the monorail comment. This makes sense, except there is NO land available near the monorail except for the old golf course behind the new (upcoming) Wynn casino that he has his own plans for. Land anywhere near the new monorail is just too expensive.

There was an article in a magazine or newspaper a year or so ago where Steve Wynn discussed using the land behind the new casino to make an Epcot type of park. I've heard nothing since that one mention oh so long ago. I have seen that the land is basically useless at this time. All the houses he bought out are sitting there abandoned while the golf course is still watered, BUT not used to my knowledge.

P.S. The new Wynn casino looks amazing. It dwarfs the rest of The Strip and changes the skyline.

Thursday, August 12, 2004 12:56 PM
Yah, I saw pictures of it and wow!

Was the Epcot Style park the one with the giant Ferris Wheel?

Thursday, August 12, 2004 3:56 PM
Sure hope that one guy on the BC planning comission is the only one against city growth.

And I can't imagine the heat would be significantly worse than a visit to SFMM durning the summer. It gets hotter than hades out there, but people still pack in all summer long.

As long as they have LOTS of water rides, enclosed eateries, indoor shows, and plenty of shade/landscaping (hire Michael Bonfante!), don't see why this couldn't work. The weather off season (Vegas's high season) would be ideal, then SoCal would essentially have yet another year round theme park! Make it a quality park with plenty of rides that people will want to come back to again and again, not like the 2hr park that MGM Grand was.

Thursday, August 12, 2004 4:57 PM
The Giant Ferris Wheel is slated to go with a new resort right where Wet-n-Wild is presenly located. In fact, here is a link to the article discussing Wet-n-Wild's closing and the Giant Wheel project from today's paper!

Thursday, August 12, 2004 6:08 PM
Thanks...I've only been to Vegas once, but the site of the Wynn and the development mentioned here seemed pretty close.

Too bad there's no word on a possible relocation. I'm surpirsed Circus Circus didn't grab the attractions.

Thursday, August 12, 2004 7:51 PM
Glad to hear the giant wheel is a go, especially since the Rio's got cancelled.
Saturday, August 14, 2004 12:26 AM
I disagree that the heat wouldn't be as bad. I think the heat I have experienced in the Las Vegas area is FAR worse then anything I have felt at SFMM.

While I would like it to be, I just don't think a full fledge theme park is economically viable in the Vegas area. Both because of the weather and also because tourist there seem much more interested in gambling or spending the day around a pool then hoofing it through the heat in a theme park.

Saturday, August 14, 2004 12:54 PM
I am from Denver and we usually go to Vegas in the summer.My kids would love to have a full-fledged park there for them.For a while Vegas was saying how it was not just a place for adults and trying to get the families to come.I son't know what my kids are going to do now that Wet and Wild is closing.They enjoty Circus-Circus ;but. not ususally all day as they do at the water park.Heres hoping that the new park will be a go and that the water park stuff will be relocateed somewhere close so we can still enjoy a family vacation.
Saturday, August 14, 2004 5:19 PM
I lived in CA for 26 years. I've lived in Vegas for a little over a year now and I think the heat here is much more bearable. I just went to SFMM on 8/10 and though it was not as hot temperature wise, I could not wait to get back to Vegas. The felt heat is totally different. CA = sweaty & sticky feeling. NV = hotter, but dry. I have never once felt sweat run down my face since I have lived in Vegas. Nor have I been sunburnt yet. Yeah, the rays can hit you pretty hard, but we do not make a habbit of standing around in the sun.

Now, with that said, I've never been to BC, but I cannot imagine that it is much different. To me, 100 and 110 are so close that it doesn't matter much. I heard on the news that the planning commission or City Council (whatever) have approved it but they are going to let the residents have a discussion about it before anything else happens.

Personally, I am all for a Park here somewhere. Parents can drop the hoodlums off and go gamble somewhere. It will keep the kids out of the casino's anyway. Plus there's not much for local kids to do anyway unless you go to the strip. From what I have found out, most of us locals do not go there if we can avoid it.



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