Invertigo Going to a New Home

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I can happily say I hit the park at its height - right before Stealth came out. It did have a pretty decent lineup with Stealth, Top Gun (or whatever it's called), Vortex, and the Invertigo. The flyers weren't anything to write home about, but I had a good afternoon there.

Now, there's really not much at all and I'm not sure I could spend more than an hour or two without getting bored.

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I have always enjoyed these rides...I have never ridden a "giant", but I enjoyed the one at GL, and I also think Ivertigo (KI) is a blast. I would bet MA, but if, by chance, it landed at CP I would welcome it. Why the heck not? Easy boost to the coaster-count ego.

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rollergator said:
...wondering how many will see Dave's "nb" and wonder what the heck that means...LOL.

"note well"? hehehe. Thank goodness my latin classes did not go in vain. :-)

Anyhow, I thought Great America was boring back in 2000, and now it's just plain dreckitude. Discovery Kingdom must be salivating right now. BTW, I don't understand why it would be Geauga'd. Raging Waters is a stones throw away and far superior.

Looks like this "cute" little inverted boomer just found a new home, at Dorney Park.

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That would make 3 inverts and 2 shuttles in one park. And both of the shuttles are also inverts. This is why I laugh when anyone says '<Coaster X> will not go to <Park Y> because there are already <#> of <Coaster Type Z>' in the park.

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I don't laugh when people say stuff like that, Vater, because they probably understand that some park guests may want a little variety.

Sometimes I get irritated at a park when they install new rides that are too similar to what they have. I've even been known to get irritated when a park builds a coaster that is the same color of a ride that they already have (Hersheypark, for example), which I know is a little silly.

A park will install whatever they think will be popular, no matter what color it is. lol

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Or in this case, the park will install whatever used hunk-of-junk ride the CEO tells them too.

John Knotts said:
Looks like this "cute" little inverted boomer just found a new home, at Dorney Park.



New Credit? :)

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Just a (Screamscape) rumor at this point, so take it with a grain of salt. But Dorney Park sounds as likely as anywhere else they would add it.

There's that dead-end at Dorney where Laser sat, and I hear the kid rides along that stretch are for sale, so it could go there. Right next to Possessed. (And hey! if they move Talon down there they could have, like, Inverted Land or something.)

Speaking of that little area, I visited Dorney last summer after a many, many years absence, and I could not get my head around the fact that it used to be the front of the park and now it's the back. I remembered it well, but I stood there trying to fit my memories onto that same area and it just wasn't working. I think the year I was last there Laser had just been moved to that spot from the top of the hill and the waterpark was fairly new. The coaster, Whip, and Zephyr haven't moved at all but it seemed like a totally different place.

I tend to trust Lance about this one. He's been fairly accurate about ride relocations lately.

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I have mixed feelings about it going to Dorney. I'm sure it would be somewhat popular but another 52" or 54" coaster isn't needed with the last 3 coasters added all having those height requirements. With both Little Laser and Dragon Coaster being removed from the park, that leaves Woodstock's Express and Wild Mouse as the only 2 coasters someone under 48" can ride so a new family coaster would probably be a better fit. I just hope that if it is added, another ride isn't taken out since that seems to be happening a lot with the recent additions over the last 10 years- Krazy Kars removed for Demon Drop, Laser removed the same year Voodoo was added (I know Voodoo didn't replace Laser but if Voodoo had not been added, maybe Laser would have still been at the park), Hercules and later Joker removed for Hydra etc.

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As best as I can tell, Six Flags Great America is the only park that has ever had 3 inverted coasters. That held true for the entire time Deja Vu was there.

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Yep. And V2 and Deja Vu went in the same year. Both inverted shuttles.

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I thought Kings Island was the king for "coasters with overhead track" though, with the Arrow Suspended, the Vekoma SFC, the Vekoma Invertigo, and the (now removed) Caripro Batflyer all at the same time.

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Kings Island needs a real inverted coaster... designed and manufactured by B&M. They would probably save on shipping charges. ;)

And seriously, I have a vision of the future where Vortex is removed and replaced with a very interestingly designed B&M inverted, closely resembling the inverted coasters at both Carowinds and Bush Gardens in Tampa. Call it a prediction of the future. It will happen within the next ten years. :)


I don't care where the old Invertigo is going, because while they are fun and interesting coasters, I don't cheer for them, because of their lousy capacity. As a matter of fact, I even boo and hiss at them at times, due to their extremely long lines and short ride time.

Fun, but not worth the wait.

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Some places have ways to bypass those lines, for a small fee, you know. :)

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I know. I use those ways sometimes. I think that Invertigos should not have front-of-the-line access available due to the low capacity, in my opinion... But that's just me. :)

The inverted type is sorely in need of some new and creative engineering. If Kings Island were ever to get a new B&M invert, I would yawn. There are only so many different ways you can slap together a loop, two heartline rolls and a batwing.

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But people who have rarely visit parks outside of Kentucky Kingdom and Kings Island would get very excited over a brand new B&M inverted coaster, even if it meant the loss of Vortex.

I could hear some people now, saying, "Kings Island's new coaster is like Raptor!" They wouldn't be yawning like some of us coaster enthusiasts, who have rode dozens of B&M inverted coasters.

That's what the park needs to be totally complete, in my opinion.

Also, I wouldn't shed a tear if Kings Island's Invertigo was ever removed. It's fun, but not for such a busy park. In saying that, maybe Dorney is a good choice for an Invertigo.

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