Invertigo gets stuck at PGA

Posted | Contributed by Jeff

While not serious by any stretch of the imagination, it's always fun to hear about people getting stuck on a ride. This time it happened at Paramount's Great America's Invertigo.

Read the whole story on the San Francisco Gate.

Wow! I got stuck on Face/Off, another Invertigo clone, for about 10 minutes. We were coming back to the station and the train had locked up on the tower. My cousin and I were facing backwards and these 2 girls facing us were freaking out because they were looking down. Then maintainence finally got us going. The 2 girls were saying they hated PKI and were never going to ride Face/Off again. That was a different experience.


heheh Well i remember a time when me and a friend
were kinda stuck on a ride. We had just gotten on
PKI's Beast and we were just leaving the station
when it like sorrta went off the TRACK. My
Dad was freaking out by saying bad words .
I am serious it went off the track a little not that much but some. We had to wait awhile for
them to get it underway but we didn't get to ride
beast :( . This was last summer so i have been
waiting all this time to finnaly ride it and Son
Of Beast in like June or so.

that happend on two face a invertigo clone at sfa the train after the loop went ten feet up the hill and rolled back. it rolled between the loop and hil for about a minute until it engaged the lift.
I got stuck on boomerang a invertigo but above the track for2 HOURS

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