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Had Good Friday off, have company coming, so I had to clean house. But I needed to get to Charlotte because I had 2 major things to do. After Time Warner came over to hook my 2nd cable box up, I left.

Got to South Point Mall in Charlotte around 4ish and headed to the Apple Store. As I walked thru, an attractive young woman was standing all sexily with an Apple shirt on and I said "You look like you're just waiting to help someone". I told her I wanted the 500gb 21' iMac and in less than 15 minutes I was walking out with one (as well as a cover and dock for my iPhone and a MobileMe sub).

Then I headed to destination #2. Didn't take long to go in and get my Gold Pass from Carowinds, and after parking in the season pass lot, which was almost full, I headed to Intimidator. Thank goodness for single rider lines.

Intimidator-Waited about 10 or 15 max in the single rider line before I was in row 11 or 12. The crew hustled. The park was mildly busy and the stand by line was about a 45 minute wait. Three trains were running. I sat down and soon we were off. The lift is very quick and the first drop is pretty awesome. The 2nd hill had the usual B&M floaty airtime goodness. So did the 3rd hill. I like the twisty hammerhead thing, that was fun. The next 2 hills again had nice sustained floater air. You hit the MCBR, but not really. You kind of just roll smoothly thru, not feeling any braking at all. The helix is what it is, but the drop off the MCBR was nice. After that you pop up into the brake run and thats it. Intimidator is smooth, fast, and fun. I compare it to Nitro (which I like). I prefer it to Apollo's Chariot, but Goliath at oG is still the best Beemer hyper I've been on.

Toyed with riding Afterburn, but really wanted to try Boo Blasters. The line for this was close to 30 minutes. Thought of ApolloAndy just before I got on as I had a lime green (coloured) slushy. It was a nasty flavor though. Sour Apple, which I normally like, but this had a bitter taste and was too sugary. There went $7 down the drain.

Boo Blasters on Boo Hill-This was a nice transformation. You'd never know Scoobs was ever here. The effects were nice, including the face in the mist. There were some scares. And I'm SO GLAD they fixed the end of the ride. It all flows well and I got about 1600 points. The kids in the back of the vehicle, though, got on my nerves.

I didn't really feel like doing much else, so I headed home so I could set up my new iMac. I'm on it now, and I'm ready to head out to buy a new cheap desk before company gets here. Didn't take a single pic. Ooopps...

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Macs are awesome. I bought my first mac a year ago, and I'll never by a PC again. It just works.

Interesting to hear that the Boo Blasters retheme went well.

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21" iMac and a cheap desk. Sounds like an awesome setup. And that's coming from a MS Windows fanboi.

Thanks for the TR, glad the Boo Blasters was done well.

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