Intimidator 305 Dominion

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Hello Coaster Buzz members!

I have searched the posts on this site for a couple of days to see if I could add my two cents on the newly being built roller coaster at Kings Dominion. If there is a post already in place on this topic then please excuse my poor research methods and abolish this thread.

I am very excited for I305 at dominion. The maverick style design along with the drop of MF at CP and very fast speeds is suspensive. I have read a lot of early reviews on this ride from other websites that were well thought through responses to the ride, and some rather random and inaccurate.

I thought there would be no better place to ask people about this new ride than the members here at coaster buzz and the timeless appreciation and knowledge of the coaster world/industry.

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Discussion is in the News forum:

Closed topic.

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