Intersting Day at Cedar Point 5-13-2008 (Long)

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008 9:23 AM
Since I am moving out to California, yesterday was probably the last (or one of them) that I will be seeing the Point this summer. My cousin decided to make my last day in Ohio enjoyable by going to the park with me. (we were looking at other plans, but this one seemed to be the most feasible.)

I had the platinum pass and made plans to meet up with my cousin when the park 'officially' opened. First ride I killed was the Raptor.

RAPTOR: 1 Train Wait

I wasn't able to ride this green machine on Sunday, so I figured why not, I'm here. Rode the very back of the train and had the whole row to myself. It seemed to be running a bit slow, but that was probably because of the early morning chill. The ride was smooth until the brakes, they really need to do something about that hard brake at the very end. 9.5/10

Wandering around the midway, I saw an employee on his day off, just staring up at Raptor. I could tell he was debating whether or not he wanted to ride, so I began to talk to him, and convinced him to ride with me.

RAPTOR: 1 Train Wait

Since I was riding with a "newbie" to Raptor, I let him pick the seat and sat in the middle of the train. I do not know if it was the seat change or just that the ride had been running longer, but it seemed to be running faster the second time. Still the hard brakes deter from the ride experience. 9.5/10

I was beginning to get bored and did not want to wander too far in the back since I was spending the day with my cousin and decided to wait for everyone else to be let in. When my cousin finally came in, we headed to Wicked Twister. The employee (Jason) was tagging a long, but chickened out of riding Wicked Twister.


This ride really does not matter where you sit, and I have begun learning that the middle on this ride gives you quite a nice pop of airtime on the back spire. We rode in the middle and I experienced airtime again, so I believe I am riding there from now on. 10/10

My cousin had to get his Magnum fix so we headed that way. Jason wanted to ride the Corkscrew, but it was closed and he met up with another employee, so we left and headed to Maggie.

MAGNUM: 5 Min. Wait

This ride is one of my favorites just because of all the airtime, and usually shorter lines. We walked through the ques and up onto the station platform. They were running 2 trains at this time. The most noteable thing about this ride, was when we were boarding, my seatbelt broke and we had to wait a train. Other than that, Magnum was running in tip-top shape. 10/10 *The seatbelt thing did not bother me enough to take points*

We headed toward the back of the park, and Gemini had a 1/2 hour wait, so we decided to ride earlier. Maverick was down, so we got the Mean Streak out of the way. Our whole day was spent bouncing from one side of the park to the other.

MEAN STREAK: 5-10 Min. Wait

They were running two trains on this ride as well, and we decided to sit in the middle. Although this ride is not as rough as I remember, my back was still a bit sore from getting off. It could have been because we sat in the middle and I am used to the front, but whatever it was, it hurt a little. 8/10

We met up with my friend Chris over by the Wildcat and hopped on that.

WILDCAT: 5 Min. Wait

The Wildcat is always a fun coaster, and is even better when riding with someone because you can slide into them. I love the fact the drops still tickle my stomach to this day. It was also nice seeing a farmilar face working as leadership. 10/10

We skipped out on Iron Dragon just because the line was ridiculously long, and the ride is Boring. Disaster Transport was our next stop.


While waiting in line, we met up with Jason and ended up riding the sled together. There was four of us now, which is really cool. I really miss the robot that was in the "themed" room right before you go up the stairs, and even though this is a fun ride, I do not think I would wait that long for it again. 9/10

For lunch we headed over to Johnny Rockets, and I think it would have been a more enjoyable lunch if the service was a bit faster. We had to wait to be seated because they were doing a dance, the food came out slowly because they were dancing, and we had to wait for our check, because, yes, they were dancing. It seemed like every 5 minutes or so, they would bust into dance. The food I must say was worth the $21. (#12 Burger, Strawberry Milkshake, Regular Fries, Chili Cheese Fries).

Jason left us soon after lunch, and the rest of the group headed to the Blue Streak.

BLUE STREAK: 5 Min. Wait

Today there were two trains running as well, and the lines were kept relatively short. For the front of the train there was only about a 2-3 Train wait. We walked right up into the station. For some reason, the Blue Streak is running a lot smoother than I remember. Nice airtime on the hills, pretty good speed, this is looking at being one of the best woodies I've been on. 10/10

Chris left us so he could head off to work, and it was just my cousin and I wandering around once again. Power Tower was the next ride.

POWER TOWER (Turbo Drop): 15 Min. Wait

I have only been on this side a total of 3 times before I conquered it yet again. This time I was not scared to ride, it's just when we started going up, my body became clammy. This is the only ride in the park that I am terrified to ride, but will still ride it. You do have a lovely view of the park (or the lake), and it's over in a matter of seconds. Let's just say I am not gonna be going on this side by myself anytime soon. 10/10

Top Thrill looked like it would not be opening at all, and since we were in the area, we stopped at Corkscrew.

CORKSCREW: 5 Min. Wait:

This is another coaster that I believe waiting longer than 1/2 hour is a waste of time. Usually I do not like riding because my ears are boxed immensly and it is just a rough ride. However we rode near the back, had some nice airtime and my ears left the ride without looking red. I was pleasantly surprised with my ride. Still say it's not worth waiting for more than a 1/2 hour, however. 9/10

We took another gander at Geminis line and decided to check out Maverick once again. Cedar Creek Mine Ride was the first stop.


Not entirely surprised for the walk-on. Hopped into a middle car and we were off. I enjoy how relaxing this ride is, and how you have some nice views of the park, but that's about it. 7/10

While we were on the CCMR my cousin swore he saw the Maverick go up the hill, and sure enough it was testing.

MAVERICK: 10 Min outside the que and about 15 more inside 25 Min. Wait total.

Once people were actually allowed in line the time went by fairly quick since we were close to the front. This ride has so far given me no reason to say anything negative. The lines move quickly, the ride ops know what they are doing, and the ride is NON-Stop, with AWESOME airtime. Plus I always seem to have the luck of riding right after it opens. 10/10

We walked through Frontiertown for the second time, and stopped to see the animals that were now out in the petting farm. Spent about 20 Minutes there just petting the cute little animals. Headed toward Millennium, where there was about 1/2 hour wait. My friend Joe called and wanted us to wait for him, so we hopped in line for Mantis instead.

MANTIS: 30 Min. Wait

They really should make this into a floorless, just do some minor modifications and it would be one awesome floorless. I can not complain too much about this ride, except in the turnaround into the braking area however. That turnaround puts a lot of force directly on the calves and I have a hard time walking after I get off, other than that, the ride is pretty sweet. Not something I could ride more than once in a day, however. 8.5/10

Joe met up with us right after we had got off, and we all headed to Millennium Force.

MILLENNIUM FORCE: *sign said about 1 hr wait, more like 40 Min.*

This is another ride I do not really have anything negative to say. Sometimes the ride ops may stack trains, but for this visit the line was moving pretty quickly, even with all three trains running. Once on the platform we took a spot near the front, but still middle of train. On the first drop, I had that brief period where I blacked out for like a couple seconds, like I am so used to but then everything was back to normal. Fast, High, Non-Stop, and airtime filled, this ride is everything I love. 10/10

We headed back through frontiertown, yet again, and noticed there was one guy on CCMR. We decided to ride that again, since Joe was now with us.


It was technically a walk on, but they were not loading one of the trains, so we had to wait for the next one. Front seat ride, and it is even more boring in the front. I do however like acting crazy just to see peoples reactions so this ride is fun when you have random people who ride. 7/10

Next stop was Gemini.

GEMINI: 1 Train Wait

Middle train of train ride, and no matter what people say about this coaster, I really enjoy it. You have nice airtime and speed, plus really nice views of Soak City and the front area of the park. Maybe not a "huge" thrill but a really fun one. 10/10

While on the Gemini, my cousin spotted Dragster going up the tower. It was already around 6:15 so a lot of people had left the park.

We wanted one more ride on Magnum however, and even Joe went on with us.

MAGNUM: 1 Train Wait

Yet again we sat in the middle, and Joe even enjoyed his ride. He said he did not like riding the Magnum because he has had bad experiences, but he had fun. This ride is always gonna be a 10 in my book. 10/1

Since Dragster looked to be running consistant, we decided to head over and get in line.

Around 6:25 they started letting people into the ques.


The only reason the wait was that long was because they were only loading 4 people at a time. As the ride kept running more consistant, more people were loaded and by the time we were loaded they had 16 people on. Joe is terrified of this ride and waited for us outside. We were able to ride second to last seats, and had a great ride. 10/10 *and my cousin called me insane for loving Dragster*

Overall it was a great day at the park, and I am gonna miss Cedar Point! 90/100

~~~~Coaster Lover~~~~~~~~~~

Wednesday, May 14, 2008 3:49 PM
Sounds like a ton of fun. You got a lot of rides in!
Wednesday, May 14, 2008 6:30 PM
Sounds like a great day at CP! Anyone hear what's going on with Skyscraper? When is it supposed to open and any word on price?
Thursday, May 15, 2008 2:40 AM
As far as i know its still not assembled in the parking lot. So nothing is really happening with it, no word on an opening and the price may be on the website.

Resident Arrow Dynamics Whore

Thursday, May 15, 2008 11:46 AM
Rctycoon2k's avatar TTD was loading 6 people to begin with, not just four, but still, it created a much longer line than usual.

As for Skyscraper, it is still laying in the Soak City parking lot in pieces.

Shaun Rajewski
Founder, Lead Developer
Epic Web Studios, LLC

Thursday, May 15, 2008 3:07 PM
They started to assemble the ride yesterday. Finally!

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