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I linked to this from Screamscape this morning:

Although I thought it was really interesting that the coaster didn't have footers, I found the last name of the builder to be even more interesting.

(and it sounds like Jeff will have to wait a few years to ride this one)

Edit: I was wrong about it being closed. Looks like they'll rebuild different sections each year, which is pretty wild if you ask me!

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The locals I've met say that's just about the worst place in Washington to be during the fair. Too many people in a confined space. I doubt I'll be in any real hurry to get there.

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I think that's what locals say about every fair everywhere!

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It is pretty cool they've decided to do the rehab in sections and have the ride operational during the Fair. It's a fun ride, definitely an excellent fairground for rides. I would strongly suggest an earlier weekday as we had a large group and a really great time on my first visit. My second visit, on a weekend, was as crowded I have been in any park (including the bad part of DAK and the nightmarish crowd at Vancouver PNE).

Jeff, the Fair gets crowded, but it IS totally worth it. Like Gator said, go early during the week.

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I've always wanted to make it out there for this. It looks like a really fun, unique ride. Especially that double down first drop. Glad to hear they're taking care of it.

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^Me too Cropsey! One of my sought after coaster destinations. That and the Coaster in Vancouver. They get great reviews, I'm all about true classic coasters. So rare now...


I found it busy, but not near as busy as a big corperate park on a weekend. It's a fun ride. The PNE coaster is far superior, though. There's three drops on that thing that are fantastic.

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