Interesting Intamin Launched Looping family coaster

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This looks pretty cool:

Seems there is only one in operation, in Japan:

Anyone been on it?
I have seen pictures of this before, but was surprised to find out it has a loop. With no headrests - very cool!

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Looks fun. It's not really anything more than a compact variation on something like California Screamin' though.

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Ok I'll bite, why would a loop have headrests? I didn't even know loops had a head. ;)

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^^True, though the post-loop layout is a bit... er... uninspired, let's say. I'd take California Screaming over that, though I wouldn't mind seeing more of those lapbar-only trains!

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I rode it. Its not exactly like California Screamin' Jeff. Galaxy Express 999 use single row cars and feature a launch using pusher tires on a turn! The loop is fun and the helix after is not too intense, but got nice space theming. One thing through: its got like 10 minutes of preshow that talk about that manga and then you ride the one minute ride.

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Sooperdooperlooper had a love-child with Darien Lake's Ride of Steel and got rid of all the drops :)

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I would never think to call a looping coaster family friendly. When they say for adults and children, how young do you think they mean? Its seems to me, that for a lot of people, young or old, going up-side-down is the most frightening part of a coaster. I know several people who would never ride the Corkscrew at CP, but that have no trouble with Magnum or MF.

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But it's dark, so you tell your kid it does not go upside down, and they get on. :) Instant family ride.

Then, us family therapists stay in business later on.

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OhioStater said:
But it's dark, so you tell your kid it does not go upside down, and they get on. :) Instant family ride.

We actually did that very thing with a friends son. He didn't want to ride any coasters, but we told him Disaster Transport wasn't a coaster and got him in line. He of course figured it out by the time we got to the loading station, but he rode anyways and liked it.

So I guess 'dark/hidden = family friendly' does work!

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"Family" does kinda imply non-inverting to me...but I was raised by wolves.

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^Like Raven?


Get 'em early, I say! What child doesn't enjoy doing endless somersaults in the yard? With the right approach, transitioning into the action of "family" thrill rides should be easy... right?

Another thought - in reading through the descriptions in the Intamin catalog there seems to be a few instances where the message is slightly lost in translation. Could it be that the term "family" is chosen amidst the sea of coaster offerings to imply nothing more than mild speeds and low height? The movie provided shows riders of adult or teen ages, (granted, one scene looks like the ride is full of park executives in business attire with Intamin at the ready, video cameras rolling...) but there's not a tyke in sight.

Interesting concept though, perhaps a waste of a giant show building!

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