interesting article about Flying Turns

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If Knoebels really needed a wooden bobsled-style coaster, it would have built one back in 2006.

Karma's a bitch....

A weighted protractor that marked how high on the trough the train might travel? A heating and cooling unit beneath the station track? A climate controlled shed with a sophisticated track monitoring system? Large steel scales in the station to weigh the guests? A "test helix" at the beginning of the ride that notifies a computer whether to apply a trim brake at the top of the lift? Forty four cameras on the course?

Gee. I guess they just don't build em like they used to...

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^The legal department at Knoebels is small, but thorough... ;~P

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I was lucky enough to ride the Flying Turns at Euclid Beach. That version was much bigger than the one at Knoebel's, and true to the time period, had no monitoring equipment. They just sent the train up the long lift and let it rip. The ride worked perfectly and was one of the wildest rides I've ever been on.

I'd rather be in my boat with a drink on the rocks, than in the drink with a boat on the rocks.

I was hoping for a wrought iron balance scale hand forged by their blacksmith

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