Interesting article about Disneyland social clubs

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I'm always fascinated by niche groups, so I found this article interesting despite the author.

(A friend asked me earlier this year to decorate diapers for him because he was going to an adult baby / diaper lovers convention; my first thought was there's a convention for that?)

The woman who is suing Disneyland because the Splash Mountain ride vehicle she was in "crashed" into the water at the bottom of of the flume made me laugh; what was she expecting?

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Suddenly the ACE people in satin jackets don't seem that big of a deal.

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I thought I was reading an article from The Onion. What happens to a grown adult when they think they have a mafia-esque protection arrangement with Disneyland? Assuming, of course, that the other nutjob didn't make up that part of the story. There's plenty of crazy to go around in this ordeal.

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Ha ha. The vests are so much better looking than those satin jackets. My wife and I were entering Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Hotel entrance and came across one of these guys wearing his vest. She educated me on the whole thing.

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What the hell did I just read!?


I think you just read that Slither likes to decorate adult diapers.

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I wouldn't say I like decorating diapers -- turned out they were a hard medium to work with. Illustration board stays in place. Diapers do not.

But the fellow in question has been a dear friend for 20 years, so I was happy to do it for him. Apparently the big winner was the diaper featuring Hello Kitty dressed as Darth Vader.

I'm reminded of Star Trek conventions in the 70s and 80s, when people would dress as Klingons and run security for the event.

Life is something that happens when you can't get to sleep.
--Fran Lebowitz

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Another reason I’ve evolved into an enthusiast in disguise.

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