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I don't know if you already talked about this, but this coaster looks so cool. It's another 4th Dimension coaster, but it's made by Intamin. Has anyone went to where this coaster is, and tried? It's a long shot, but I'm just wondering.

It's called a Ball Coaster. While it looks similar to SFMM's X, it seems to be more like that Frequent Faller coaster that was never built at HP.

The cars are free to sway back and forth, kinda like the cars on a Chance Zipper. This is contrary to the controlled spin/tilt that is found on the Arrow 4th dimension coasters.

What I want to see is B&M's take on the 4th dimension concept. They did great with the flyers--much better than Vekoma, IMO--so I wonder what they'd do with this concept.

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It looks nice, it takes up a very small footprint, and I'm betting it's for a reasonable price...

...but it's absolutely nothing like X. It doesn't even turn laterally, so you're extremely limited on your layout.

I would think twice about riding it though. It depends highly on the restraints to keep you in. Intamin is not well-known for having reliable restraint design are they?
The ball coasters use Intamin's over the shoulder restraints, which aren't associated with the problems their T lap bars have encountered.
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^There's a first time for everything. ;)

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The Flight Commander had over the shoulder restraints. Seems like if a restraint can be flawed, intamin will find the way to do it.
This is pretty cool! I'd ride it! :)

I'd rather be riding Roller Coasters....or baking.

B&M flyers suck! Too much time spent during the loading/unloading of passengers. Personally I prefer the Vekoma's once they are working properly.
If they could find a way to make the concept bigger and longer then I bet it would be a fun ride, but right now the ride is way to short. It's nothing like X, X is taller, faster, and make turns. It's a good idea but before any parks get them they will need to make the ride better.



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I hope they do go bigger and better with this. If you watch the videos of it on YouTube you'll see that there are quite a few flips possible on the lower spike. I think a larger madel would provide a ton of possibilities.

RoarsLoudly said:
B&M flyers suck! Too much time spent during the loading/unloading of passengers.

So you're telling me that a simple OTSR mechanism is more complicated and takes more time than wiggling into a belted vest and then pulling down a lapbar? Does that make any sense to anyone?


That's also why the flyers are B&M's weakest selling product.
Because they're a superior product to the Vekoma counterpart?

There are only a handful of flying coasters in the world. There just doesn't seem to be a lot of interest in them. On top of that, it's B&M's newest product. I don't think that makes it "weak" in any way.


Like I stated.........."I personally prefer them".
I hate to sound like I'm just repeating what Jeff says, but they're not popular because they're just a gimmick. I totally agree with him on that since I rode Firehawk. Granted, I haven't ridden a B&M one, but on Firehawk the only times I really felt like I was on a flying coaster were the first drop and the loop.
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Hmm...let me count how many Vekoma flyers there are...3, 2 of which have been relocated, no new ones since 2001. Let me count how many B&M Flyers there are...6, two of which opened last year.

You figure out which one sucks more.

That said, I personally prefer the Vekoma model but it's kind of ridculous to say it loads faster than the B&M (even though it has 75% the seating).

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No offense Andy but if "how many" was an indication of "suckiness" versus "non-suckiness" than one could argue that Vekoma's Boomerangs and SLCs are some of the best coasters made as there are dozens upon dozens of those.
True, if that were the only factor. Price is (was?) obviously the driving factor in the success of the Vekoma Boomerang & SLC. You've got to weigh several things when you consider which products are "less sucky" than others. All things considered, I think it's pretty clear the B&M flying coasters are a superior product to the Vekoma flying coasters, even if some prefer the ride experience of the Vekoma model.


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Speaking of small coasters that don't turn.......;)

What happened to the S&S Sreamin Squirrels? Those things look awesome but there are none here in the US. Is there a reason for that?

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