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I haven't seen any mention of Intamin's (IntaRide's) redesigned web site with lots of videos.

Only thing is that I find nothing about Maverick, but the ball coaster design looks like it could be really cool.

EDIT: Just like good ol' Intamin, it does have a few kinks to be worked out.

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The best video is the aquatrax one. Wow at that mini top hat inside. The theming on that ride looks like a monster.

Interesting that they have a 12 inversion coaster listed there. Anyone ever seen the layout for this coaster? Is this for the park that wants to break the inversion record?
That Zac Spin might ge a cool option for CP when they finally demolish the aquatic stadium.

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I think the music really makes the videos... not.

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The music was the best part...really it was

Its sad when your best friend asks you the exact running time of a ride. Good thing I didnt know.

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If you look at couple they have the wrong videos for some rides, but at least they tried to redo their site.

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Atlantis Adventure (Aquatrax) is a lot of fun and the airtime on the mini top hat is good! But, the ride is a little too short and the stop in the middle of the ride kills the flow of the ride.

Capacity is another major problem. With 6 cars running, the line was pretty slow. Also, the restrictions for it are ridiculous. You can't be more than 6'1 to ride and the seatbelts are really short! Even if I'm 6'3, they still allowed me to ride (and threw out 3 guys who were shorter than me.. go figure!), but it turned out to be a mistake... See, the seatbelts were so short I was missing an inch or two... I was struggling to buckle when the ride operator grabbed the belt ends and just jabbed me in the stomach! Of course, I sucked my stomach in and she took advantage of that to buckle it in! So, the ride starts and I can barely breath...

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Sounds like what people say about maverick sometimes.

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