Intamin says woman was too large for Perilous Plunge

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The Orange County Register is reporting that the manufacturer of Perilous Plunge said the woman who died recently on the attraction was too big for the seat belt to close properly. "If a person is too big, (the restraint system) cannot close properly," said Sandor Kernacs, president of ride manufacturer Intamin AG.

Read more from The Orange County Register.

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Dave Althoff, some what right on the money.also a issue needs to be adressed in reguards to the ride ops .the ride op on the side the woman fell did not check her belt .Perhaps she was very short, or had very short legs......this comment about is true the woman was short @5ft 2in and she weighed 292 is a a comment that brings up a good question
I'm still having difficulty figuring out how she would be tossed from the boat. Gravity applies the same acceleration to the boat and to everything in it. Did she have no legs at all? this comment is not true she did have legs she was fastened in her seat.her seat belt was fastened the question is why did not the ride ops check her seatbelt and lapbar.the following statment is not true...

My understanding is that she was sitting in the front, as she turned around to talk to riders behind her... she was in the 4th row 2nd seat in their are 5 rows in this boat .her daughter states that her mom was fastened in the boat as she closed her eyes and the boat was headed down mom flew out. when the boat entered the loading and unloading mom was the loading are the ride ops did notice that the seat was emepty.and that a person was missing.the daughter was crying the ride operators saw the body floating in the water with one leg missing.this woman hand to many injuries to name .and how i know this i have the cornors report to prove this .i'm one of the investagators.

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"As far as I can tell it doesn't matter who you are. If you can believe, there's something worth fighting for..." - Garbage, "Parade"---if you are the webmaster jeff this is a un professional  way to do your business you don't need to air your thoughts in this way.try to be more professional  .and i think people will listen to you more.


thanks for sharing some information...I did not know what seat she was in, but i did know she was not in the last row..

please explain more if you can ... I appriciate that you have said as much as you already have..maybe you can shed light on some of the other events that have lead to deaths?

ra: This is starting to sound like the Colossus incident on 12/26/1978...according to my notes in the Roller Coaster Almanac, that rider was 5'3" tall and weighed 253 pounds.

I hate to say it, folks, but I'm afraid this is the reason that uncomfortable seating posture forced by the Son of Beast train isn't necessarily such a bad idea. :(

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

If more rides had horsecollars some of the accidents that have happened would not have happened. people would have not fallen out .this is such a simple restraint system .most mfg do not like to use this type of system due to cost.they figure it is cheaper to be sued than to change the whole design. see seatbelts are not a sure fire way to prevent accidents. all lapbars do in some cases is add for holding on when you ride the ride.again if you have a horse collar this might solve some problems. remember that 80 to 85 % of ride accidents are caused my rider error .20 to 25 % are caused my mechanical error.take a look at some of the accidents out there .ie knott's was caused by human error why is because the park employee did not bother to check the lapbar and seatbelt.also the mfg will be responceable as well due to the fact that the design was not what it should have been for a restraint system . the sealt belt was added after the park had made the request to add a seatbelt. the seatbelt should have been 65 in round we found it to be 50in. again the mfg was wrong.with this being the case i see where this is going to be headed in the court of law. in the last 10 years  itmann has had 10 deaths on their rides .this steaming from restraint system.i have over 100 pages of prof on their rides also their have been 6 law suits dealing with their ride restraint system.
Dave Althoff, Jr. This is the Colossus incident on 12/26/1978 just 23 years later.Son of Beast train isn't necessarily such a bad idea. it might not be a bad idea to have this type of restraint system .the question is do the parks want to spend the money on this type of restraint .............that is the question.
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for a fact I know that you've been e-mailed and called out by Richard Harris amusement park safety expert and you've yet to respond??
I lost my job today moron... I've got better things to do than argue with some illiterate person who can't even form complete sentences or come up with something better than "you must be a young person who has no regard for any Politicians I think you need to keep your views to your self and not air them on your site."

I've heard better arguments than that in high school speech class.

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"As far as I can tell it doesn't matter who you are. If you can believe, there's something worth fighting for..." - Garbage, "Parade"

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