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Ok, so we know that Six Flags modified some of the fun out of the SROS coasters, and CP has pushed some of you to a MF diet--all thanks to Intamin's flawed train design.

All of the Intamin trains built post-2000 have a slighly different lapbar design, and possibly a slightly modified seat design as well, ala TTD & Xcellerator. This also includes EGF & Goliath in Europe.

Does this modified design actually fix the problems of the older system, and if so, why didn't CF & SF invest in this fix instead of the stuff they did? Cost? Time?

Wish parks wouldn't pull a SFMM Revolution on us :(

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I don't think anybody really knows. I know that SFNE had to satisfy state requirements after the 2004 accident and I don't think that the TTD-style lapbars would have complied since they look largely the same.

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...With *look* being the operative word. This was a situation where the system had to be changed, and the change had to be *obvious*. Not necesarily to appease the State (the State inspectors (a) may not have jurisdiction over fixed rides in MA; I am not sure...and (b) are probably smart enough to realize when things have changed subtly, particularly when those changes are documented and subject to engineering review) but to assure the Public that Something Had Been Done.

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I noticed that on the supercoasters program myself during the EGF POV shots.

The lapbars were basically the same as those found here but with more of a wrap around design on the t-bar portion,which obviously reduces or restricts lateral movement.

I think the brightest fix so far is the go/no-go indicator on the lap bar and bigger side rail on the seats on Xcelerator. It solves both problems- the big guys flying out the top and the little guys flying out the side.
^ Those are a good idea. I definitely liked that ride. Out of all the Intamin hydraulic launches in the US (and I've ridden all 4), I like the ones with the lapbars better. They do the job and are definitely more comfortable and enjoyable.

Kingda Ka was kinda "meh", but TTD rocked. Storm Runner is fun, but I have to ride defensively to enjoy it, whereas Xcellerator was great and I didn't have to fight it.

I wish the Rides of Steel would use this system instead of the uncomfortable contraption that they have now.

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Whatever it takes to get the pre-2004 seatbelts back on MF I would be all for. And on a side note...I think Xcelerator is better than TTD IMHO.

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Xcelerator's seats are actually really comfortable and only use a seat belt and lap bar.

Also Xcelerator has those awsome 2 over-banked turns that the train flys through at a wicked amount of speed.

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Are Xcelerator and Dragster the only two coasters on the planet that make a 90-degree vertical drop with just a lapbar setup?
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S:TE? ;)
To the best of my knowledge they are.

I thought that the SBNO Tower of Terror in South Africa originally opened without OTSR's, but the pictures on rcdb appear to show some type of restraint (it appears to be over the shoulder seat belt's). There were some good close up pics of those trains when it first opened, but I'm having trouble finding them now.

And of course this isn't counting Superman and it's brother down under. It's not like they're going face first down the vertical drop and we all know that they're not coasters anyway. ;)

edit: dangit Moosh, you beat me to it! That's what I get for typing a response with more than 6 characters. :)

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Actually, don't forget about Hypersonic: XLC, as well as the Freeze coasters. All 3 make vertical nose dives with just lapbars.

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Oops, I definately overlooked some.

Dodonpa would be another. I would also count the inverted top-hat from the Batman side of the Chiller.

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