Intamin Ball Coasters

I just checked RCDB for their 2007 list and i see they added that another 4th demension coaster will be installed. The thing is its not by S&S/Arrow its by Intamin AG... and its model is considered a ball coaster.

Anyone know more about this model? *** Edited 7/17/2006 1:39:09 AM UTC by VaRyda***

Rather than having a controlled pitching of the seats, the ball coaster allows them to rotate freely, however gravity takes them.
is there an illustration or photo anywhere?

scroll most of the way down the page, there are two photos

"With regards to roller coasters with hydraulic launch we have by far the most experience. Reliability and quality are key features of our products", says Sascha Czibulka, Sales Manager at Intamin.

???? Is she on crack? Don't TTD and KK have an unbelievable amount of downtime?

Oh ok, this is one of those on RCT3. It doesn't seem like it will be all that great to me.
Because it's a lousy design or because it's an Intamin and it probably won't work?
I'm guessing that everyone ignored the part on page two where Mack announced a clone of their Super Splash Atlantica watercoaster for a major American themepark chain in 07'. I wonder who it could be? I'm thinking Busch Gardens Africa, but who knows?
hmmm seems kinda small to me...I mean I know thats probably just a prototype sort of thing but it looked like somethien more along the lines of a carnie type ride especialyl with only like 4 seats the lines would back up super fast.
I'd prefer a clone of the Plopsaland Supersplash. Imagine the normal drop with a speed hill after. But... replace the chain lift with an elevator that rotates the boats 180 degrees! Pretty compact and fun.

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