Intamin and Sally will collaborate on PortAventura dark roller coaster ride themed to Uncharted movie

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PortAventura World has closed a licensing agreement with Sony Pictures to build the first dark ride roller coaster inspired by the box office hit film “Uncharted,” and based on the PlayStation video game franchise of the same name. Opening mid-2023, the ride will be nearly 700 meters long and over 12 meters high, and will be housed in an enveloping space of 4,800 square meters, and 16 meters high.

Read more from Variety.

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And it just so happens I may be in Spain at the end of June. Fingers crossed it will be open then!

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I wonder what it means for this to be themed to the movie and not the video game that the movie is based on.

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They're saying it'll open at the end of the first half of 2023.

One is a story of mystery and murder. The other is a movie and video game franchise.

Has Sally ever created a quality dark ride? I am only familiar with their cheap 2d shooting rides like Boo Blasters

They do a lot of creative and interesting things. Look them up.

The dark ride at Lost Island looks pretty good. A little too much 3d video for my liking but the physical sets and animatronics are really nice.

I'm guessing that Sally can do really good work but usually gets orders for cheaper rides. If you think about it, outside of the major theme parks that do their own stuff, what other parks spend a ton of money on dark rides?

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Right. I've always assumed that some Sally dark rides have cheapo cardboard cutouts because that is what the park that has the ride ordered. They can do really good things when the budget calls for it.

Park has confirmed an opening date of June 17th:

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cheapo cardboard cutouts

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