Intamin AG Rides (Xcelerator, TTD,Kingda KA) question.

The rides aren't really that short when you think about it.

Next time you're at Cedar Point (or any park), try this: Go to every coaster, and time how long it takes from the point that the last car of the train leaves the lift hill to the point that the first car of the train hits the reduction brakes at the end of the ride. Most rides are only about 30-60 seconds, believe it or not. The rest of the average 2-3 minute ride time is a mix between lift hill and reduction/slow travel to the station. Also given the 120mph speed, as was stated previously it's taking the track twice as fast... so multiply dragster's time by 2, and it's not totally out of the question.

I know that Laser at Dorney Park is about 30 seconds, and Talon & Hydra are about 60 seconds when you remove the lift hill/brakes out of the measurement. Obviously YMMV depending on precisely where you start the stopwatch, but those have been my observations.

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I worked along the midways at CP in '05. One of my runs included Dragster. I'm STILL amazed after watching it HUNDREDS of times being launched. It's just the nature of the ride. I heard pheases including "Holy $#!^ that's high!" among other things. Drahster is more than just the ride time itself, it is the struckture shooting 420' in the sky.

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dexter, I thought Cedar Point was really good at making sure guests didn't take loose objects onto fast-moving rides like TTD? They had a monitor at MF in its first year, and I was told I could take my disposable camera in line as long as it stayed in my buttoned pocket.

There was a line-monitor at KK last year in October, and she would not let you past with loose objects. They had to be put into a locker before you went any further. I don't know if this included cell-phones because I didn't bring mine into the park.

And dexter, I know you're going to talk about how safe Cedar Point is and all that, but maybe if they had metal detectors, that knife wouldn't wound up falling short of your Boat Captain? Can you give me one legitimate reason why that person needed the knife in the park?

I do find it interesting that according to my 2000 park map, that Laser Pointers aren't allowed, but there's no mention of guns, knifes etc.

You know Intamin Fan, I mostly agree with your comment above. No one needs to bring a knife to any public place, especially the knife we're talking about. It was a very large, black, open hunting knife with saw teeth on the backside. I wish we lived in a world without gangs and thugs, but we don't, and I just have to accept that.

But I would not actually criticize the park for ride safety. Ride ops are trained to be totally focused on the safety of the guests. It gets drilled into their head every single day. I heard it at least ten time a day..."My number One duty is to ensure the safety of the guests, the safety of myself and the safety of my fellow crew members." Every time something unsafe happened at a ride, it was a very big deal and taken care of very swiftly by management.

TTD does have an entrance position whose job is to make sure that no one brings loose articles in the line that can not be put away into a pocket. They usually have another person near the platform who looks for loose items. People checking the lap bars also look, and then the person who launches the train looks via monitors (That's the ride op who gets to push the "ARMS DOWN" auto spiel button).

Maybe CP should consider installing metal detectors and more police officers at the gate. Perhaps weapons are not a very big issue at the park.

I'm not saying that Cedar Point isn't a safe place to visit, but your exposition on the type of knife makes me think "Um, I don't think I'll be telling anyone not to smoke, or cut in front of me this year if I go."

Maybe metal detectors aren't that necessary, but how about the security wands they use at airports, nightclubs and such? People could be scanned before entering the queue of a high-speed ride.

Then you get into the whole debate over whether or not the inconvenience to EVERY guest is worth the minuscle chance of something happening.

Anyone remember when they wanted EVERY guest to sit in the MF test seat, including little suize who weighs 90 lbs and barely makes the height? That was to prevent fat people from getting upset when the ride op says "excuse me, sir, can you sit in the test seat to make sure you fit?" It's not discrimination if you make EVERYONE do it. Obviously, that policy enraged far more people than that one possible lawsuit from the guy who happens to be very sensitive about his weight to sue. That policy was reversed VERY quickly because it wasn't worth it. I have a feeling scans to get on high speed rides would have a similar reaction. :)

They'd have metal detectors at the gate before they have them at the ride because people expect them at the gate. They don't expect to get stopped and have to take out their keys, loose change, and wallet every time they want to go on a ride.

But at the moment, they don't feel they are necessary for the clientele that come into the parks.

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Winningfreak said:
Why is it on rides like Xcelerator and TTD the track is short? its like 20 seconds and you are done after 2 hours of line what kind of fun is that? you spend more time loading the car than you do on the ride why dont they add more twist and turns make it more fun?

Instant adrenaline rush. That's all I have to say. ;)


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