Insane Speed

I was just browsing through rcdb the lazy way (just refreshing the homepage until something interesting comes up in the random rollercoaster section) and came across this coaster in Taiwan. It looks almost like a more intense version of Medusa without the cobra roll. Has anyone been on this coaster? If so, how is it? It looks nice from the pictures.

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Seems fun, but also pretty short.
The layout is almost the same as Batman the Dark Knight at SFNE.

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You know, you're right Ajrides, I never noticed how similar the two coasters are until you just mentioned that.
One of the main things missing is the zero-G roll after the turn through the loop. But otherwise, it does look pretty close to B:TDK.

What an "imaginative" name, though :)

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Well, judging from Batman, this ride although small must be pretty intense with the smaller elements. Not to mention the extremely intimidating name ;). *** Edited 1/10/2007 6:47:56 PM UTC by Al-Shabibi***

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And possibly the ugliest color combination in existance?
If it's like B:TDK, I'll have to put this on my list to get to soonish.. (the park also has a B&M dive machine).. has anyone ridden it and can say what it's like?

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I've been on both coasters. Good, smooth, but nothing to write home about. The really funny part is that the locals seem to think these rides aren't all that fast despite the name "Insane Speed". I would guess that's due to the fact that B&Ms are so smooth, the Asian park goers aren't used to it. I think they equate being jostled around and beat up during a ride with speed or intensity.
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This used to be known as "Crazy Flying Coaster" I believe.

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ClubXJeff said:
And possibly the ugliest color combination in existance?

Welcome back, red train, how was your ride?!
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SFoGswim -

Nice try... that color combo is actually attractive. And coming from a graphic designer, that's a plus!!! They need to change the name from "Insane Speed" to Quiznos - The Ride. Hahahahah

Annnnnd, now I'm hungry.

Well, there's an interesting tidbit about the "real name" of the ride and translating to English on RCDB.

At least it's not Inverted Coaster 1, Diving Coaster 1, and Junior Powered Coaster 1 in Leafy Lakes or Dynamite Dunes ;)

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Have you ever seen this one before. The back half is opposite to the others.

Looks as though the ride has more to offer.

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