Insane Coaster wars returns

Insane coaster wars is on tonight at 8:30pm following an all new extreme waterparks at 8pm on Travel Channel

Trade organizations such as IAAPA and WWA tout industry safety. With respect to the extreme waterparks series, I am not too impressed with the show production and the accurate portrayal of the true commitment to safety in the attractions industry.

If you watched tonight's episode of extreme waterparks, it was a little like "really, there are waterslides like that...that launch you into the air?"

In reality, these attractions are more "backyard" and aren't representative of what mainstream, modern waterpark attractions offer...which is a guest experience that is consistent with a commitment to safety.

I think it is a matter of time until IAAPA and WWA says to the industry PR folks..."hey, what message are we sending here?"

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Well if there's one group of people concerned with the message that's being sent out, it's certainly the producers of reality television...

Parallel lines on a slow decline.

I don't get these coaster wars shows because they keep matching up the coasters wrong IMO.

I'm having trouble navigating Travel Channel's site, and I can't find any info on when the show will be repeated. Anyone know?

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

Not too bad of a show... Agreed with above, the coasters are matched a bit weird... Like why was Tatsu on that list? Made NO sense. Any other speed coaster in the country would have been a better option.

They really need to stick with "like-types"... Formula Rossa should be in a launched coaster division, not with other traditional hyper coasters.

If they fixed that, all would be well. They were doing Behemoth and Leviathan at CW when we were there last fall, suprised neither of those were in the running.

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