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So, I finally watched G Force Giants today after DVR-ing it last night, and I noticed some interesting things. I know they're nitpicky, but it is noticeable, so I have to comment.

1. On the very first coaster, Medusa at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, the rider they have rising for scientific testing has a hat on! DURING the filming, he takes the hat off and rides with it in his hand! One would think Six Flags would have been super careful to make sure safety precautions were all followed during a televised program. But then again, this is the same park that likes to build coasters as cool as Medusa in a parking lot. Perhaps they don't really care all that much. And the hat was a skullcap, so maybe it is not considered a danger since it is soft.

Actually, Busch Gardens let a woman renewing her vows wear a veil during Apollos Chariot, too, come to think of it.

2. On both GForce Giants AND the Inverted coaster ICW, there are multiple examples of the narrator getting the element names wrong. He called a heartline roll an Immelmann, and another heartline a corkscrew inversion. The average consumer/park goer wouldn't know this stuff, but come on, man! Do some basic research! I'm probably just ridiculous for noticing this, but the "snarky enthusiast" deep inside me screams for journalist integrity for coasters. Hehehe....

3. I don't recall the Montu trains being multi-colored and as bright as they are now. Did they repaint them? Perhaps it was so sunny the day I rode that everything just looked washed out, but I swear this coaster is more attractive than when I rode it.

Actually, that's about it. I am still trying to figure out why some coasters were grouped together, especially the GForce Giants. I really thought there were other coasters out there that would fit better together. But what do I know...

I still really enjoyed this program, and it did what it was supposed to, I think: It made me super psyched to ride more coasters VERY soon.

One other thing, actually: there was a person with a Montu tattoo. Anyone else with coaster tattoos? Anyone get a coaster tattoo and then the coaster was shut down or re-named? Just a random little thought.

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I'll just answer the Montu question and let others weigh in on the other stuff. Montu gets painted fairly frequently (most recently about 4-6 months ago), as do most rides in FL. The sun bleaches everything sooner of later...typically sooner. Just as a funny aside, we rode Caro-Seuss-El last night and noted that it looked WAY spiffy with its new paint and all the animals in working order.

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Can't wait to ride the Seuss carousel. Only a few more days, only a few more days, only a few more...

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Here's the unofficial discussion featuring many of your favorite Coasterbuzz Personalities. ;)

Gonch, most excellent. :) and very reassuring as well, considering that at least one other person commented on Alpengeist having four vertical loops. I thought to myself, "Gee, I didn't know Alpengeist had, like, 50 inversions".

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You know why the media can't get it right? Because most don't ride coasters and most just don't know what they're talking about anyway. Hell. I'm a coaster geek and I STILL don't know all the elements names. I just go to ride coasters.

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The Montu train (yellow with blue seats) they used for filming is the worst Montu train. They picked it because of the contrast. That train will not be that color for too much longer and will have everything replaced at the same time.

Montu also has a train with black seats and black harnesses which is AMAZING!! Smooth as glass. The 3rd train is blue seats and black harnesses, also smooth as glass. They picked black to hide the dirt and crud.

The Montu maintenance crew are some of the nicest people you ever want to meet. You can do a behind the scenes tour where they take you into the barn to see where they do their work. Busch got a 4th train years ago just to be able to do annuals or required maintenance on the other trains when needed.

You would be surprised how amazing most of the Florida coasters look despite being in the sun 365 days/year. They all are kept in shelter **cough CP cough** when they're not used, and the care they are given is obvious by looks AND the quality of the ride itself. I've learned SOOO much about B&Ms from the maintenance crew and am real close to one of them :)

Makes me sad to see poor Raptor looking horrible year after year :(

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The person who wrote the scrip just need to ask someone associated with the ride to describe the names of each element. Even a non-pro would know to do that. It's lazy not to get the facts right in a lot of circumstances.


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Thank you, Travis! Exactly my point! How hard is it to fact check? Isn't that kind of their job?

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Well, as far as the element names go, there really aren't that many definitive ones. What I call a corkscrew the next person calls a flatspin and the next a wingover. Different strokes for different folks.

But seriously, though I do watch and enjoy coaster shows, they are pretty poorly done. Let a ride be awesome and don't talk to me like I'm in elementary school. Adults like coasters just as much as children.

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