Insane Chinese coaster

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I love clicking on because I never know what will show up!

This coaster is like a Toboggan meets .... Ron Toomer. It's really crazy looking.

The guy running it looks like he's busy texting.

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Nothing instills confidence like buckets of rust and a cell phone charger and headphones strewn haphazardly across the operator's panel.

"Hey, this looks like a more terrible version of another terrible ride... except this one's rusty and run by a guy who won't even notice if it collapses."


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At first I thought the name translated meant "insane Chinese coaster", but now I see that the name is "outer space flying car". I think both names are probably appropriate. :)

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Reminds me of this deathtrap. The best thing about it is its method of propulsion:

This shuttle loop does not use an electric motor to lift the car up the hill. It is lifted up the hill by "human" power.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

^^ Or this one, Vater, at the same "park".

I will never complain about charm-free parks here in the U.S. again.

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^That coaster seems to have more charm than the infield and surrounding areas of I-305. I'll give it that much. (Which isn't very much.)

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Wow. All that park needs to do is add some skeletons to all those abandoned cars sitting about. Then they'll have charm.

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Do not want

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That's just the kind of coaster that would fit in well at Michigan's Adventure.


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Yeah, I think somewhere mid-timbers is probably a good spot for it

Awesome find Demon! I love when stuff like this pops up at RCDB. It does look like someone screwed with a Toboggan. The liberal use of tape on the trains is a bit disturbing.

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Ok, I had to edit my post, because I was obviously looking at the wrong coaster. It actually does kind of look like a crazy toboggan coaster that somebody turned into a looping coaster. But, it's still kinda lame. I thought I would never see a looping coaster smaller than the corkscrew at Michigan's Adventure. I'll bet it's painful to ride.

Another crazy coaster in China, is the Mad Mouse coaster I found on Youtube that has a verticle loop in it. They have a lot of very odd coasters there. this looks like a carnival ride to me.

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