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Hi everybody!!!

I have not read anything about Indiana Beach for quite a while now and was wondering if they have gotten their issues ironed out? I know four years ago, I was reading a lot of negative things about the park after change in management/ownership.

I have a friend thinking of taking family there so I thought I'd ask here and see if there were any newer reports.

Thanks you!!

Apex Parks bought IB in early 2016. They're doing a fine job of cleaning up the huge mess that Morgan RV made. I wouldn't say they're there yet, but they're getting close. I can't wait to see it this year. I doubt they'll ever to able to get back that magic from the Spackman era though. Check out the latest reviews over at Most of the more recent reviews are very positive. A few that are negative are about lodging, which has been pretty bad for a long time. And there's always that one unreasonable person yelping to the moon because an unrealistic expectation wasn't met. (That one's on the first page.)

IB is beautiful at night. And they close at 11:00 P.M. on Fri & Sat, starting in late May.

I went in late September last year. It wasn't the nicest park I've been to but I had good time. The coasters there are fun. I picked up a season pass for this year for an additional 3 bucks so I'll be going back again this year.

Not the most beautiful park, but the season pass including up close parking is only $42 and was good from last Labor Day and is good until the end of this year and is also good at Fantasy Island which is on our list of new parks to hit this year. As far as coasters go, Hoosier Hurricane is decent but I gotta say Cornball Express is FANTASTIC! That first drop is only just over 50 feet, but while riding in the backseat of those buzzbar PTC's, it is one of my favorite drops on any coaster. We were there when the park was dead. We gave the thumbs up and they would just hit the start button. I really love this park. It looks like they have added some dining establishments during this past off-season.

It's not a park I would drive more than a couple of hours out of the way for, but on my way to Chicago, it only adds a couple of hours to the overall drive and is totally worth it.

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