Info on July 11th trip to SFA

Tuesday, June 24, 2003 10:41 AM
I need alot of info on SFA sicne I've never been there before and will finally get to go as a short raod trip with friends from pittsburgh. Anyway since I'm taking the Pa turnpike till I get to breezewood and heading south from there, what exit do you take on the beltway to get there? Also how much is parking there? When I get there which rides do I head to first, I was going to go for Two face since I know the line will move slow after experiencing Face off at PKI. Is Paradise Island water park even worth doing? I've heard its small and by looking at the map it doesn't seem like it has much, but if it is worth doin, what kinds of attractions do they have in the water park? Any discounts I can get by stopping at places in the area? How is the park operations, I know SFWOA efinatly got better, but has SFA? Since its a 4 hour drive we're leaving at around 6 so we can make it back before 11, so will it be enough time to get most of everything done. Any othe anyone can give about this park will be helpful since this will be my first visit to this six flags and 3rd visit to a six flags park.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2003 12:34 PM
3 things you can do:

1.) Read Trip Reports

2.) Search this site for info

3.) Go to the SF official site and look for info (click here)

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Tuesday, June 24, 2003 4:42 PM
Parks spend all this money on producing a professional looking website with all the information you can stomach, and you have to ask questions like "What exit do I take off the beltway?". Ok, I'll be nice. First of all you need to change over to 70 from the Breezewood Interchange as you probably already knew. Once you get to the 695 interchange (clearly marked), head South (towards Glen Burnie) until you hit rt. 97 (a left exit by the way). Continue on 97 towards Annapolis and take rt. 50 South (a right exit) at the split. Get off at the 301 interchange and continue until you get to rt. 214, Central Ave (Keep your eyes peeled. There's only a tiny little sign that marks that the Six Flags exit is coming up). SFA is two miles on the right.

Paradise Island is kind of weak as far as waterparks go. Unfortunately, we haven't had the Hurricane Harbor upgrade that many of the other parks have had, so we still have the same slides from years ago (not that some of them still aren't worth doing). The lines tend to get very long also. I would stick with the main park if you're trying to drive back in the same night, which by the way, I think is crazy. Between the coasters, flat rides, and water rides, you could stay quite busy if it's a crowded day.
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