Indoor water park opening near Toledo

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The Holiday Inn Hotel and Water Park is going up on Toll Gate Drive in Maumee, Ohio, near Toledo. Developers broke ground Wednesday, December 14. The hotel will open in 2006 with 106 rooms and 20,000 square feet of water park fun.

Read more from WUPW/Toledo.

I heard this on the news as well... Not sure what I think about it.
Wow, not every day you see Toledo in CoasterBuzz news. Somehow I totally missed this announcement. It sounds like it'll be interesting, but probably won't match any of the 3 Sandusky parks.
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I know that area, and I think the area is a dump. We play volleyball tournaments at that turnpike exit.
Yeah that area of town has gone so far downhill in the past 10-15 years.
I don't think I'd exactly call that area a dump. It's right off of Dussel Dr. which has several hotels that serve Arrowhead Ofice Park.I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't as elaborate as the Sandusky parks. This is the sort of thing I thought the Crossroads project in Rossford (near I-75 and the 'pike) was going to try to get.
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Yah, but going from Dussel Dr. to the area around the turnpike interchange (and even further down to what's left of the Southwyck Mall) is like driving over the railroad tracks to the bad side of town.
Not suprising. Attractions like this are popping up EVERYWHERE.

There was an educational session at IAAPA on Indoor Waterparks, and you could tell an obvious difference between the big players (the guys from Cedar Fair, Kalahari, etc) and the huge number of smaller hotel owner/operators who wanted to add some revenue. Its a great investment, but I don't think that a 23k square foot facility rates front page CoasterBuzz news (though, its always great to see ANY waterpark news here)

They are going to be revitalizing Southwyck over the next couple years. Still, I am really wondering what the price structure will be for such a place.
The plan I heard for Southwyck was a less ritzy version of Levis Commons over here in P-Burg. That would be great, 'cause I can't afford Levis.

I just wonder if Carty will renew his war on the drug stores.

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