Indoor amusement park now open in Illinois.

Grand Bear Lodge in Utica Illinois which is a hotel and indoor waterpark resort has recently opened an indoor amusement park on the property called Enchanted Forest.

They have no coasters but have 9 flats, a pizza parlor, and sports bar.

You don't have to be a guest of the hotel to visit the amusement park.

Question: If anyone can describe what this Eclipse ride is that they have, that would be great. They claim it is 1 of only 3 of its kind in the world.

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My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

Eclipse hurts... Too big of restraints and not fun of a ride.
The two times I have been there (EF), I have not seen one person ride Eclipse. Many say too intense.
I rode Eclipse at the 2003 IAAPA and I found it was a piece of junk. Very badly designed restraints that don't hold you at all and the ride's whipping action meants your head and body were getting smashed!
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What does it do?
You see the part with the seats? Well, it just goes around in circles and each block of seat are free to whip around, like a breakdance. Its boring and painful...

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